Bible study: Gog of Magog

The messianic period of history has ended. It is the end of the 7 thousand years and the earth has become beautiful and is teeming with life once again.

Magog has grown in numbers from a few to millions. They have grown impatient for a saviour to come. This crowd of never do wells are awaiting the emergence of their messiah from death.

Someone says it is time it has to be done, and so, Satan is set free from his confinement in the Abyss.

The crowd are waiting. Look, there he is, says one and points with his finger. Appearing before them out of nowhere their messiah, their leader, Satan appears before them. Magog now has its Gog.

He gives them all that political language about a new fatherland, a new Reich, a new empire where they will live forever under his rulership. His hatred is undiminished. He says they must prove that God is false and that his people are unprotected and the time is right to wipe them out.

Just like the prophecy says, they march upon the camp of God’s people and surround it to destroy it. This time it is not an angel who comes to their rescue, it is God himself, and with ferocious anger. Fire falls from heaven upon the rebels and annihilates them. And so, Gog and Magog are destroyed by God.

If I have made a complete mess of this please forgive me