A brown autumn leaf on a black pond
– Was it you? Not breathing, quietly alone.
Then the earth began to hide its light
This thought was buried back at the limit
Of the ovate leaf of thoughts that night
Sang a lullaby to, and it was you
Afloat on sleeping water, packed up
For winter, the movement of the human

Body’s weight of silver soul and mind
Entwined together, a love unconsumed
By the heart beating beneath the days
Of reflection, running to catch him and
Saying – it was you.

But for you there was me in the setting sun
Already set – as the bright darkness
Where the stars shone, where you were walking by

That Staffordshire pond; it must be you
I felt you as you quickly passed by in life
Making an impression you vanished –
Into the roads disappearance thinking –
Briefly, you’d missed something that was there
Floating on the water the last leaf of me
In autumn

Regrets make a fine food to dine on soon

You’re not hungry, you’re growing thin fading
Like every hope you’ve had was rooted
In your past uprooted by pride and the
Stupid fight that leaves behind these leaves
On the waters of regret, you drink hoping
One last resurrection time to come
Alive- out of mind