Waiter there’s a fly in my bath

Waiter there’s
A fly in my bath
That I cannot
The water
Is too warm
To get out of
The sky outside
Is like milk and mud
In the cold wind
The fly buzzes
It attacks my head
It should
Be let out but
There are more
Ready to take
Its place
They are
In a world they insist
Is there’s

The plastic inflatable bathing pool

A rare visitor to Lidl
I admire the shoe rack,
Hosepipe, griddle
Then was I stopped in the middle
Of the right of way
By a maniac, desperado
Housewife, or muggle
Asking how big is the diameter
Of a puddle
Inside the outside
Of the plastic
Inflatable bathing pool
100 centimetre
Is as big as a big fish
I said
Holding my hand
We look like people
Winding wool
Around our wrists
Until with woolly head
She returned the box
Of exploding plastic bathing pool
To the rack
And flew off
With head nearly cracked
Quack quack

A very British UFO

In America
No one believes you
If you see a UFO

You have to have
A TV series
Call in the experts
Heads aglow

In England
A mere student
Sees one passing
In the sky
All the papers
Call him a hero
It make
The girls cry

No wonder then
When Mulder
Looks on with Skully
The English seem
To be do-lolly

The universe is a jungle

The universe is a jungle
You can go round and round
In a circle that never ends
Or you can go in a pure straight line
That never ends

It’s the mind that will have to change
or the mind will trip over its own mind-set
Like over a box of wooden blocks
Tipped out on to the floor
And it will have to have a mind reset

When this I done you will see
That the universe is a jungle
There are tiny angels amongst the tree leaves

You’ll wonder how far the journey is
But it will never end
You’ll look for a schedule
But your steam train keeps driving through the trees
And you’ll never Wake up

Bird seed

The seed of love
Weighing a few ounce
Was on the ground
In a garden

There was a tree
Wooden and twisted
Gnarled and dark
Starved of light

It reached down to the seed
The tree became a man
The trees face became a human face
The trees body became a human body

Along came a bird
She began pecking at the seed
Until it was gone
And he became a tree again
And she flew away