Here is the wind

Here I the wind
That has never died out
It blew through the trees
When Hercules was about

Follow if you can
Its Hokey-Kokey dance
Through the streets of cities
And halls of ancient committees

It’s like an endless string
Pulled out of your mouth
This is the endless wind
This is the endless wind

Here is the endless wind
It departs without you
Into the landscaped future
As yet without you

Hang onto its tail
As it gallops away in a hail
Through the arriving solar storms
And the stations for those being born

It’s like the journey of a worm
That disappears from sight
Holding the hands of children
That disappear in the night

The cameras shutter

The cameras shutter
Is a liquid sheet of stars
As it is moved
It reveal the face of mars

The cameras shutter
Is a buried door in a tower
Lifted up by the gate keeper
To reveal the universes true hour

The camera shutter
Has painted on it parts
The famous graffiti of Parisian walls
The flesh of broken hearts

The camera shutter
Is opened from inside
A vast herd of bison pours out
Into the ocean tide

The camera shutter
Opens into a giants room
I break inside
I find heavens long lost ruby moon

The cameras shutter
Realities guillotine
Many of the heads of physics
Float within it dream

Like a paired couple

Like a paired couple
The eagles fly
They are love and wisdom
In the sky

Reaching up
To touch their wings
You dance
You spin

You open up
Into the light of day
To let them carry
Your heart away

Above the plagues of earth
Above the folly of man

A normal altered state

There is poetry from the heart
And there is sound engineering

There is a brain inside the brain
And that is the brain of sleep

He is brought to life at night
In dream life

A spiritual flesh amongst the eyelids daily release
And floating on the ocean
The tip of the iceberg of sound
And the gripping the bars with his hands
The whale cries

The moons gravity
Is a talking sunflower

Before the embryo is engineered
The soul is already in the yolk

It acknowledges its existence
With excitement
It breathes in colour and sound
And then its mother appears

I dub you a boy
And you are relieved
You have made it

The winter’s hat
Shrinks to the size of a pin head
Like a pimple

The winter’s hat
Grows to the size of the night sky
And wears your head
Like a man of war

The winter’s solstice
Is the embrace
Of a dark woman
Who visits the earth
Once a year

Many have gone blind
Many walk in a coma
And all the clouds
Come when she calls

The spell

I made a
beautiful carving
Of you
That I placed
In an orchard

After one dark night
Filled with many angry arms
I woke up to find
A scarecrow in a field of stubble

What happened?
To my mind
Am I mad now?
Will wicked spells
Turn my thoughts into fires

Imagine hard
Breathe in deeply
As if giving birth
Push out
This dark forest of ashes
Down a pathway
To the sky
And leave them
For the storm clouds
To consume

The rose scar

The rose scar
on her hand

the claw
was returned
to the paw

the blood flow
like a bed of roses
has opened up a door

the elderly mother has moved
to the seaside town
blue of dreams

but the daughter girds her loins
and rises like a seagull in the wind

she has two brothers
who were like werewolves

but they had long ago
left their vocation

but still she would wake up at night
to see claw marks on the wall

she said that her home-town was empty
its lights at night were like silent glowing birds

that there was no fairground anymore
of her childhood memories

it was sad to see her so sad
and at how we all can feel so exiled

The lost treasure of the earth

The lost treasure of the earth, the teeming machine wildlife giants the flimsy things that fluttered the colourful tapestry of flora.

Imagine it, bursting with hue and noise of creatures the opposite of our days, roaring, singing, crying creatures
in a climate so different to our seasons.

Their blood flowed back to front, their heats beat inside out, their minds thought upside down, their spirits crashed through life and death.

They lived in the dreams we never dream were born into a world like another planet, their ecology was like a strange unreal necklace, a shining constellation in oceans of space.

They sprang up and then disappeared, they came from nowhere and left their footprints in history, their dramatic appearance was mysterious, they vanished like the light of autumn sunset.

What makes living things come and go what replaces them with different worlds? The interference of the human species is but a giant gnat bite to this power of life.

October 2020

The opposition:

More of those days
Like paving slabs
That lead to execution
Of government plans

To the shutdown
Of government country
Of everything they lay claim to
Man and beast

The virus is king
It is in control of its own fate

All the ministry can do
Is to hold hands
And form a ring
And sing the hymns of state

It won’t be over till the fat lady sings
To the white cliffs of Dover
The shipwrecked will cling
And Britannia will mourn her lover

The leader:

We will mourn for our friends
And our family
before this is over

then we will get back to work
and carry on as ever

we will rebuild new Jerusalem
where the feet of Jesus once trod
reinstall the world in the wood
insurance claims will blame God

If you put me on the stage

If you put me on the stage
Would a bouquet of flowers
Appear out of my head
Would I open my big mouth to sing
And swallow the first row
Would I get into a fight
With a disapproving policeman

If you put me on the stage
In an oversize suit
Before the curtain comes down
Would I run off with the chorus girl
Would I be as drunk as a wet dog?
Would I pull the wrong lever
And the audience start revolving

Would I be on the apex
Of a troupe of acrobats
Or trapped in a melee of hoola-hoops
Or preaching about the coming apocalypse
Or interviewing a glamorous scarlet starlet
About her latest blockbuster

Well here I am
But I’m in a field somewhere
And a couple of rabbits have stopped to stare
And a butterfly has landed on my nose

I study you everyday

I study you everyday
Like someone
Would study Mozart

The simple melody
Of your existence
Mundane as the sun
In drainpipes
Or a hover fly
Looking for sweet dew

I copy the chords
From your daily routine
Chords I’ve never seen
From places I’ve never been
from times ‘ve been without
From arpeggios of your breakfast
That you’ll never forget
Like the gold shiny railings
Around your memories
That brace you everyday
In your spiritual hospital
Of neglect and fear
Of leading a bear
To a tea party
Which is something
All girls
Should learn to do

I study you every day
Like someone
Would study Mozart
And the more I look
The more I learn
Of ho the modes
Affect you more
Tan your minor tone
And shift you
Off from the stage
Into the wings

Then suddenly
It begins to fit
I learn to play
The accompaniment
To your life
To your melody
Using pattern four

As you roll along
In your private coach f dreams
With all your livery
Straight for the sun

I like to look into dark corners

I like to look into dark corners
Where you scrape away the dust
And find a paper clip
Where you shine a torch
And a white starving spider
Clambers away to safety

I like to look into dark corners
Where the broom cannot go
Is something living there
Hiding in a shadow
Where a dead hollow fly
Spins around on its back
And a small dice from a Ludo game
Turns up

I would like to find
Something special
But there never is
There’s a farthing
That my granddad lost
A hairclip
From my mother’s perm
A receipt from a shop till

Then you dream that you wake up
In that same dusty corner
And you crawl like a baby
Into a valley made for children
Or you spin in the dust
And when you come to a stop
You are pointing at a door