Beast of burden

The beast of burden
The working class slave
Saddled and shod
Sinks into the grave

While the eye cannot see
Nor the telescope find
Words in heaven
Spiritual signs

The beast of burden
Sits on a drain
His teeth are a grate
He’s lost his brain

While the eye cannot see
Nor the telescope find
Words in heaven
Or the spiritual sign

The beast of burden
Grows from the soil
Dirty fingernails
Mud on his soul
His feet are like horseshoes
As he drags the stone
His eyes are fettered
His heart is alone

While the eye cannot see
Nor the telescope find
Words in heaven
Or a spiritual sign

We live in the world of air

We live in the world of air
We live in the world of light

We have not needed business
We have not needed bureaucracy

The air and the light
Take care of these things
that are outweighed
With the weight of eternity

They walk with us by day
They allow us time to sleep
Life goes on without business
Life goes on without Bureaucracy

Mountains form
Birds find new friends
Born from the rock
Clouds start to remember
The repetition of times and places
It is all in the nature of love
It is all in love

Hey, say something

Hey, say something
Do not leave it empty
I know
To you
I matter not
It was just a job
Part of a day’s work
You do not have to say a thing

Hey, say something
I implore you
Do not leave it all unmarked
Or one day
Retracing your steps
You discover that your life
Is a graveyard
Of silence

Why do you not feel these things?

Why do you not feel these things?
Why life in a bunker

Why has life not infested you?
With love, hunger

Why when the Americans came
All those years ago
To fight a war
Did you enjoy their gifts?
Of film stars, nylons and dollars

Why do you not feel these things
Like a bird feels when it flies
Like a lamb feels when it is born

The feeling of life as it clogs up the heart
With fire

Why do back to back houses
in the grave of the land
Matter more
Than the call of the wild
The call of love for each other

The hand drums of North Africa

The hand drums of North Africa
Once I heard them playing

I was in the vineyard
When I heard them far away

A unified beating heart on the horizon
A swarm of buzzing hands

A call to come and join in
To understand

The hand drums of North Africa
The drumming swarming sound on the horizon

Across the sea
An evening flows in and a day flows out

A people I could not see
A collective with the wings of sound

He did not know all his generations

He did not know
All of his generations
He did not know them
His direct ancestors
He did not know
Whether they were royal or peasant
Famous or unknown

Everyone was his family
Everyone share his blood

Like a river of many rivers many tributaries
Many streams of people running into the river

All of them were his brothers and sister
He did not count their worth
He did not count their value

They were all connected to him
Like the many rays of the sun
And he was connected to them
Like a blade of grass in a meadow

The caretaker gardener

The caretaker gardener
Was forgotten
The stately home
Fell to ruin

He still came
From the village nearby
He never gave up

He tended the garden
Even though the aristocrats were long gone
Even though the roof caved in
Upon the candelabra
Even though the dust sheets themselves turned to dust

He came trudging up the hill
Through the woodland and into the abandoned mansions grounds
He picked up his spade and his rake and his fork
And he worked on the soil
On the unborn weeds and unborn fruit

And then he went home
To his old kitchen
To his old kitchen table
To his old wooden chair
To his simple peasant food
To his simple peasant ale

Each year he returned to the garden
Each year he fought against the overgrowth
He dug and he pruned
He improved on the layout
He tended to the flowers
He fertilised and he spayed

He welcomed the birds that become his fellow gardeners
He welcomed the insects that did the work he couldn’t do
He expelled the creature who destroy
He smiled on the creatures who propagate

As the stately home was abandoned
It began to collapse
It began to be covered over
Its owners were forgotten
Their portraits on the staircases fell down
The stately widows cracked
The floors caved in

But the caretaker gardener
Continued to make things grow until he grew old
And his sons and his daughters began to work and to harvest
The food
And to spend their breaks sitting by the garden
The garden that began to spread across the rolling hills
The garden that prospered
The people that worked hard
The garden that survived

Grooly’s Leaf

Grooly lived in Barnstable
with a car, a cat and a mouse

From the place in the park
Where his true love left him
He picked up a leaf as a souvenir

Soon the leaf became his friend
He would put it beside him on the sofa
He would talk to it

Man’s best friend is a leaf he said
He kept it behind the statue of Beethoven
He wrote “sonata for a leaf” for it

Then one morning he cried
His leaf had a hold in it
He touched it and it broke into pieces

He placed the pieces around the potted cactus
In time he forgot about them
That year the cactus grew a flower for the first time

Things are changing fast

It should now be the summer
But the summer’s stayed in bed
It should now be the good time
Yet people look like dead
Thing are changing fast
They leave debris in my head

It used to be so quiet
But now its noisy everywhere
There should be time for thinking
Yet people hardly care
Thing are changing fast
It so hard to pay the fare

The wheat it should be growing
But now it erupts in fire
The apple should be ripening
But floods reach to the spire
Things are changing fast
They leave me feeling tired

The crows are moving in
The sparrows are moving out
The days of peace are trembling
The battleship sails about
Things are changing fast
No praise comes from the mouth

Doors were once left open
Now borders are closed down
You’d go out at the weekend
But someone closed the town
Things are changing fast
Things are upside down

These days you just keep working
You work at what you can
You keep your debts to minimal
You do not anger the man
Things are changing fast
It’s hard to understand