Hey, grain man

Hey, grain man
Can it be
You have some
Grain for me
If I grind it
With a stone
I will never
Be alone

Hey grain man
Here I stand
Weights and measures
In my hand
To make the meal
Of justice white
To make the flour
Of love shine bright

Hey grain man
Save for me
Grains of love
And when I’m poor
And hungry too
I’ll mill the grain
That’s what I’ll do

Hey grain man
In the sky
Give me bread
Before I die
Let me rest
Can I be free
Can I have
The love I need

Sometimes I can’t believe

Sometimes I can’t believe
Ow free I am
I would cry for the day
And here I am
Sometimes my freedom seems
Like endless and
I just can’t believe
How free I am

Sometimes I can’t believe
How free I am
That I can wake up
Unchained from evil man
To say to myself, well
Here I am
I just can’t believe
How free I am

I am not a danger

I am not a danger
To children
Are a danger to me
They have the key

I am not a danger to women
Are a danger to me
They have the key

I am not a danger
To men
Are a danger to me
They have the key

I am not a danger
To anyone
I am free

I am not a danger
To soldier
Are a danger to me
They have the key

I am not a danger
To police
Police are a danger to me
They have the key

I am not a danger
To security
Is a danger to me
It has the key

I am not a danger
To anyone
I am free

You will twist the past

You will twist the past,
The present and the future
Into one sweet lump.
You will make them all into one
Walking free into anything
And death will flee.

You will remember every sky from every world
And every sea from every love
You will hold them like an eternal bird
With a mountain in its breast
And death will flee

You will love like no one ever loved before
In drowning times of pleasure
And shadows will be forevermore
And death will flee

The civil war soldier 2


I have just about roundabout finished this painting now, I will eventually sign it and put it away somewhere. It’s as big as a kitchen window. It’s hard to get a good photo using a mobile phone but anyway. contrabands 2

This is the photo I used, called “contraband”. Some of these poor men have leg irons on. But it was the expression of the man second from the left or is that from the right, which got my attention. I wondered about him, about his life and so on. thanks.

I’m Happy

I’m happy
I’ve got a blog
That many people pass by
I’ve got a friend
Who comes to see me
I’m happy
I’ve got music
I can listen to
I’ve got songs of my own
I can play
And that
tall mountain range
That I see in my sub-conscious
Isn’t so far away
Or too high to climb
I’m happy
At the way
When the darkness
Sinks into the morning
And a new day is born
At how good
I can feel inside
Like this morning
At how this good feeling
Never goes away
At how the world can
Demolish your life
And leave rubble
on top of you
But one day
The rubble is gone
And a ray of sunshine
Enters the clearing
And I feel happy

Can we simplify justice?

Can we simplify justice?
So that everyone
Can understand it.
Can justice have a heart
Like a man’s heart?
Not a labyrinth
Not a maze in a palace garden
Not an overgrown city in a Si-Fi picture;
But a flower
Growing towards the light
A flower made of light
Where light makes flowers.

Can we simplify justice?
Remove the splinters
Heal the bruises;
How simplified can justice be?
Is it
Wrong to say justice is simple
Easy to understand
Teachable to children
Easier to pass than a math’s exam
Close to the heart
Of God and man
Like the food we eat and digest
A table of justice
Where everyone can sit down –
No – it is truly right.

The photo of a laughing man

The photo of a laughing man
Except he isn’t laughing
It is only a photo
There is no sound of laughter
The expression is frozen
Into a picture
As if it stopped laughing
And fell silent
Then, in that silence
Light and dark became
The surface of paper
And the paper fades
As the laughter fades
And is gone

Photo of a laughing man
Laughing forever because
Even a photograph
Can outlive a man
And if kept between
Two layers of stone in a mountain
It will outlive
The species

A picture of a laughing man
Better than a skeleton
Like two oceans connected by a canal
Two time-periods connected
By a laughing man’s photo
If this is a memory
Who will remember?
When this era is ended
Will someone in the future
Come across it
As he separates the stone layers
Of mountain
And finds a photo
Of a man laughing



What is justice?

Justice – like paper flowers in a flowerbed
Some of it is useless.
There is a lot of little people who can’t do the math’s
And they are falling down the drain.
The Greek gods were criminals on the mountaintops.
When Trade was bag snatching from the profits of the poor
When did excess become profit instead of joy?
Justice lost her memory and now it thrives on jurisprudence.
Justice made a home in the material world
And began to wear nice clothes.
As the laurel hedge of justice grows big
The wildflowers die from lack of sunlight.
What do you expect of justice?
Mainly I expect Love.
What do you want from justice?
That her blindfold is removed.
Bloodstains never completely fade
Their spiritual weight still exists.
Yahweh is the giant bull
And when he moves you get out of his way
and his words should be tattooed all over your skin.
Justice holds a police shield in a demonstration
Do the people seen thru the transparent shields look blurred?
Everybody makes mistakes
Mistakes are not to be confused with crimes
Or, you’ll get a cultural revolution.
Can justice become idolatry?
Does justice become a god?
When did justice get so much cholesterol in its veins?
When did the dense smoke of sacrifices
Blind the eyes of justice?
None of this may be true
However, some of it may ring a bell.
Can we sleep peacefully at night?
Yahweh’s words melt like butter in a pan
Add the flour and you get the man