I try to get close to you
I’m standing in a glade
Sometimes the light falls
Sometimes it rains
I reach out for your love
My hand gets a smack
So I stay here till revelation
Goes from white to black

I’m standing on a plateau
And the jungle surrounds one
How did I get up here?
Is this a state of freedom?
My mind is a raincloud
There’s much to feel sad for
So I’ll stay here till the revelation
Charges through the church door

Sometimes I admit it
I am made of stone
Maybe that’s the reason
I always feel alone
I’m a constant explorer
Of the heart in the head
So I’m waiting for the revelation
To bring back all the dead

I was sure that I loved you
But now I’m in doubt
What’s love without you?
What is love about?
I visited the congregation
Upon a warlike horse
But dreaming of the revelation
I always lose my course

My sorry eyes are empty
Exhaustion’s a wall
It’s been built by all sides
In the battles of the war
I reach out again to you
But you run around your cage
So I’m waiting for the revelation
To come and stop this rage