A thorn bird came into my life
With wings made of stinging nettles

Where did you get
Your thorns from? I asked
Why are your wings
Made from stinging nettles?

She could not remember how
She could not remember
Her blue, blue wings
Or her golden crest
Or her long, long black tail

But she stays here until the full moon turns red
Talking of conflict and misunderstandings
sleeping where the cat slept
rolling up in the cold blanket of the night

her plumage is spotted with the blood of kisses
beneath her is a lake of tears
a crown of thorns was her greatest gift
and love has been her endless quest

Finally – free of time

Finally – free of time
Getting to know
What life
Is like

Being accepted
To call you mine
Without argument
Without fight

What’s in love
Is all in love
What’s in love
Is everything

What’s in love
Is filled with love
What’s in love
Is the greatest thing

Free of time
Getting to know
What life is like
No more counting
The passage of time
With all that doubt
With all that doubt

Do you like
Do you live
Like a hologram
Or are your dreams
In the ether
Do you dream
Then live again?

Can you bring
The world together
With a machine
Of technology
Can you dream
Of us together
Making our own

Machines do not
Haunt you
Like love can
Came late
Onto the stage
Of man
Love came before
I ever knew you
It imagined you
Across the sand

You know girl
I love you
But things will never
Be the same
So take me
To the station
And put me
On the train

Love was simple
Love was true
Love was meant
For me and you
Until a world
Of trouble came
It’s a shame
I cannot stay

I don’t know now
Who you are?
Are you the devil?
Are you the star?
Love denied
By the father of the dead
Love destroyed
By the evil in man’s head

There are no years between us
Only the sun
In the sky
That changes the way
God heals us
Life or death
Live or die

These words
Are meant as songs
But will I ever
Get the chance
Who knows?
There’s still time
Tonight, tomorrow
Next year

It’s not my duty

It’s not my duty to love you
Only soldiers think like that

Love is not achieved with orders
It is not mastered by anger

Love appears like the summer mist
Out of the breath that you breathe

Love collects your broken soul
And welds you to another

love that obeys orders I feel is going to be let down because orders are often imperfect.


I wanted adventure in love
Love was
A billboard
Across the years

I wanted
To play the game
To laugh
With a big mouth

I wanted
To flash its light
On the road
To love

I wanted
To supplement my life
With a basket
Of experiences
To carry at my side

It was a want and a need
It was a vision completed
Out of neglect and loneliness
Divided by the years
Magnified by the future

The war on love

The war on love was not about you
It was neither male nor female
It did not stop you falling in love
It did not start you loving

The war on love did not start with you
It did not start with holding hands
It did not start with your kisses
It did not end your affair

The war on love began before the world
It began like a dream in the eyes of an angel
And before it would lose – it had promised itself
That it would strip all the love from your bones

A kiss from me

A kiss from me has become a garland of rain
A handful of dried autumn leaves

I could never betray you with a kiss
My kiss is a burning feather in the wind

The Lord looks down with a sad heart
What kind of kiss is this that no one can feel?

What kind of kiss is this – a crisp, a dried page
But written on the page, written on the page . . .

Love is a spoken language

Love is a spoken language
As flowers are language
As the height of mountains are a language
As stars are a language

Love is a spoken language
As the sea is a language
As a river is a language
That you learn to hold within you

There is nothing
That love cannot get to know
Everything unfolds into loves arms

Dressed in chains

Here is a photo of my love
She was mature for her age
I hold it up above my head
I am not afraid

It Is a photo of my love
She was so beautiful
I cut it from a photo book
When we were still at school

One told another and the cops came
They confiscated my memory
They said it was wrong

It had all come back to me
I thought I was strong
accused by a photo
Are my memories wrong?

The heart knows no borders
It flies, it falls
Sometimes it is but a dream you have
To fill your empty halls

Tipped into unreality
Of boyhood pains
Again, the heart is broken
And the man put in chain

Love is the number in mathematics

Love is the number in mathematics
That always makes mathematics perfect

Let the crowbar men come along with their crowbars
Let them try to separate the perfect number
Let them try to part love from it’s additions

And its additions are its creations
And its sum is love

The workers want to be paid
So they work hard to finish their work
They can see the grey clouds
They can feel the chill air
They know that rain is coming
So they work hard to finish the job

They want to finish the job
They want to get out of there

The rain may flood the ground
the storm may destroy their work

But if they work hard to get the job done
And when it’s done they will get paid

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