The Unmarried Couple

Carolyn Merrion who after the death of her husband became homeless

The unmarried couple
Stayed together for many a green year
And then in their old age
One has died

And is to be cremated
Where the birds sing, on the bark of trees
Like the song on hard wrinkled faces
As ageing rages

As birdsong, like the air in our breath
Fills our hearts and dies in us
And the air we breathe becomes the sky

The unmarried couple
That lived together out of love
Not out of paper or out of God

All of societies ways for personal commitment
For true love is true, this will endure
And thus your future endures on
And remembers the song

That in the skies is remembered
Where the breath of true love lingers
Long after all of us were gone

And if you do not believe in God
What god do you not believe in?
The God who created life or the god
Who causes death?

If you believe in the God of Love
And if you hate the god of death
You are in good company for God too
Hates death

And if you tolerate death
Because you cannot live your life
For as long as your love endures in you
Then trust in God

There is a doorway

There is a doorway out of hell
Called love
As you near it
You see the sky

why is the highway
so empty and bare
am I the only one
walking there

No, there are shadows
trying to escape
writing the names of their souls
in the dust

if I can say it
I must experience it
Or am I still a child
Waiting to be called

I’m sorry I shouldn’t be sorry
I’m angry that I’m angry
I’m conceited by my conceit
Yet still I see the door called love

Or maybe I have it wrong
The whole world has escaped
Through the door
And I am the one
Left behind

I wish I could carve into my room

I wish I could carve into my room
The things I want
If only love was made of stone
I would be happy here

Home is like the paper
At the bottom of a birdcage
The river echoes
Outside my door

Like two cats
With thorns in their paws
We hurt for love
For its puddles of rain

Time passes
Through another tunnel
What do we feel
As the days slip by?

They destroy the bud

There are shadows on the stage of man
Who prune the branch of the rose
Who cut the flowers along with the leaves
So that no scent can reach the nose
And so the summer goes by
And many of loves promises die

The shadows paint the stage with knives
With loves blood and not true love
They wreck the course of happy lives
And hide beneath the assassin’s hood
They seek some sort of personal glory
In the death of love for money

And even embedded in the bed of love
Like, martial artists, they destroy the bud

Every second of every minute

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day
I tried to make you

Every day of every week of every month of every year
I worked to set you

Though I tied so hard
you made my heart bleed
Looking at me from your songbird eyes
in the cage of my heart

Her heart lies amongst leaves

Her heart lies amongst leaves
Her green heart
Breathing and beating.

Her heart falls with the leaves
Her blue heart
Sleeping in snowdrifts.

Her heart, scented with pine
Is evergreen like true love
Her heart scented by lilacs
Is cooed to by Turtle Doves

So many hearts hang on so many trees
One falls for you, one falls for me

Her heart is pierced by sharp pine needles
The pine cone tells of cold weather
She hangs up there on her torture tree
For ever and forever

Her heart beats where leaves breath
Her heart beats where midges weave
A spark of love flies from leaf to leaf

No rain from heaven can stop this grief
The tree turns red the flames dance
Higher and higher in Autumn trance

17 April