Collaboration: Chris Hall poem

The progress so far: in the 2nd, 6th, 11th bars I have changed the melody to fit with an Em-Asus2 combination. The melody was a bit ornamental and this gives it a smoother start to the poetry line. These two chords are like banging two flints together, they can be quite dramatic.

The second part of the song has become I hope a sunnier melody with the C chord in use more and the melody a bit more developed.

PDF of song
chris hall poem 10 june

Where Ever You Go

Song lead sheet and Mp3

where ever you go

where ever you go]

Lyrics to my song “Where Ever You Go”

Verse 1:

They say that the word is a circus
That its heart is made out of stone
That all of the world is a circus act
When you die that you die alone


Where ever you go I’ll go there too
Where ever you stop I’ll stop with you
Where ever you sleep I’ll be at your side
When ever you rise I’ll rise with you

Verse 2

They say that the world is a circus
That its heart is made out of stone
That when you sing the whole world sings along
That when you cry you cry lone

Repeat Chorus