Searching for a Gibson

Searching for a Gibson
I found one –
“It doesn’t look right”
Said one commentator
On eBay

Searching for a Gibson
I dreamt of one
A worn black body
Dust on the pick-ups
As undesirable
As a dead blackbird

Still searching for a Gibson
One that has never been made yet
One that doesn’t exist
Even though I can hear it playing

Estas Tonne in Linz

Born Stanislav Tonne in 1975 in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, he took up the guitar at the age of eight and started to study classical music at the local music school. After his family moved to Israel in 1990, Tonne stopped playing for 11 years. In September 2001, he moved to New York and resumed playing the guitar in a duo with violinist and street musician Michael Shulman. He eventually began to travel around the world as a solo musician. Tonne plays concerts in countries across the world, as well as performing at street, yoga, art, or other festivals. Estas plays a 6-stringed classical guitar as well as the flute. He has rarely stayed for more than a year at one place as an adult.[4]

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