Timber Yard

The timber dries
In the timber yard
On a hot day
You recall
The bubbling resin
And you fear
That it resembles blood

Someone had stacked the wood
In piles, on shelves, in the yard
That resembled an empty wasteland
-Not what the trees were used to

From the dead silence
You – the mourner
Leave, it was above your comprehension
You believed it was a normal thing

The puzzling buzz fly

I swear
The buzz fly
Changed its sex

Hoping for an open window
Buzzing the indoor
Where you contemplate

Not getting its’ way
-You are too lazy
To release it

Its manner suddenly
Calm, slow and cute
You feel inclined to free it

It came in a buzz fly
But what did it go out as?

The arrows that fly

Society is a cold wind
Blowing upon the warm water
You take to your wings and fly
Like an albatross jet
Not an angel of a bird
But like a plastic angel on top of a tree

Society is a cold wind
Blowing upon the warm flank
Of the deer falling from a fatal wound
Its body still hot with blood
The arrows that can fly in the cold wind
Are faster than any living thing

These were the years

These were the years
When the ants swarmed everywhere
Crawling across the bread and butter
Falling out of my hair

They always made their way
To the jam jar in the kitchen
The cupboard was shut
I don’t know how they got in

Then came the great event
Of the flying ants taking to the skies
Untouchable, awesome creatures
Starting out on new lives

Climbing out of the pavement cracks
Climbing out from under the ground
Busy like an army
Filling the land all around

These years they are gone
I’ve a feeling they won’t come back
I mourn them all alone it seems
They even haunt my already haunted dreams
Man has made them fall slack

Old animals

Old animals
Have faces filled with wonder
Their eyes
Filled-in with deep space

Do they wonder
Where they are going?

Old animals
Sing a special sad song
…and So sad a song
Man will never know

Old animals
Slip slowly into night
As if they never were

Dog walking area

There’s’ a dog walking area
Outside my flat
How did it ever
Come to that?

I never zee them
Running for sticks
In the dog walking area
There’s barely room to sit

And dog fights occur
All the time
Over who’s first
To cross the dog line

Let the day come
When dogs can run
With cars in the corral
And the streets for dogs fun

She came into

She came into
The corral with me
She the mare
Me her steed

We galloped around
And round and around
Our eyes shone brightly
With the love we found

But the fenced in feeling
Was not good enough
So we jumped the fence
And galloped off

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