Old animals

Old animals
Have faces filled with wonder
Their eyes
Filled-in with deep space

Do they wonder
Where they are going?

Old animals
Sing a special sad song
…and So sad a song
Man will never know

Old animals
Slip slowly into night
As if they never were

Dog walking area

There’s’ a dog walking area
Outside my flat
How did it ever
Come to that?

I never zee them
Running for sticks
In the dog walking area
There’s barely room to sit

And dog fights occur
All the time
Over who’s first
To cross the dog line

Let the day come
When dogs can run
With cars in the corral
And the streets for dogs fun

She came into

She came into
The corral with me
She the mare
Me her steed

We galloped around
And round and around
Our eyes shone brightly
With the love we found

But the fenced in feeling
Was not good enough
So we jumped the fence
And galloped off

Nature Poems


The character
Of the Lily flower
Is whole

The petals fall
Like white handkerchiefs
To the floor

There is a body
Made of length of seed
Belted together
By brotherhood

How long?
Before they brown and shrink
How long?
Before they separate
Into the wind
As new characters

Little sparrows

In the cupboard
Under the sink
A clutch
Of sparrows
Are hiding

Stay there
Little things
Until the bombers
Pass over

With your wars

With your wars
We’ve harmed more
Than ourselves

With your wars

Y our


Little sparrows
Turned inti flame
Beetles underground
Cooked raw

Burning oaks
Extinguished cabbage whites

so tiny

in the exhaust trail
of mighty Apollo

angels on fire

Broken Blossom

the fallen blossom

The fallen flowers collected off the ground from the fuchsia outside. Wonder plant so abundant as fast as they fall they are replaced by new.

The variations. The strange look of the flies that an angler uses to catch fish.

I was going to draw them but haven’t time to do everything so this will serve the purpose of a sketch, memorandum. I have tried to glue them to the cartridge paper with PVA glue to see what happens.

Broken Blossom a memorable old film by D. W. Griffith about Limehouse Chinatown 1919.

We live in the world of air

We live in the world of air
We live in the world of light

We have not needed business
We have not needed bureaucracy

The air and the light
Take care of these things
that are outweighed
With the weight of eternity

They walk with us by day
They allow us time to sleep
Life goes on without business
Life goes on without Bureaucracy

Mountains form
Birds find new friends
Born from the rock
Clouds start to remember
The repetition of times and places
It is all in the nature of love
It is all in love


The ballerina company
Of Lilies swan in the wind

They open their white mouths
And stigma and stamens stick out

Those honey coated, pollen dusted babes
You can feel their satiation, their pleasure

Playing in the garden
Like maidens in white bonnets

They seek your devotion
Their beauty grabs your attention

I walk toward them hypnotised
I place my nose inside their petals

Look preaches the wind

Look preaches the wind
To the woman on the doorstep
He is sending you the rain
He is sending you the river
Look up to the mountain
Already there is thunder
Do you hear the crashing water?
Cascading down the valley

Look preaches the wind
To the woman on the doorstep
He is sending you flock of birds
To sing inside your forest
See off into the distance
At how the sky is darkened
Birds in their millions
Are flying to your rooftop

Look preaches the wind
To the woman on the doorstep
As soon as the work is done
The sun is taking over

The leaves are in their houses

The leaves are in their house
Working in the kitchen
Soft green, filled with summer heat
They sit down to ret and sleep

The glossy leaves are working
In tall office buildings
Loud and imposing
Fighting for office spaces

The spikey leaves are in their barracks
Or marching in parade grounds
With their little red berries
Exploding under traffic

The palm leaves are swaying
Out of range of autumn
High up in glass palaces
They sway in summer breezes

The dying leaves are changing
They wear their autumn clothing
Orange reds and yellows
They fall into the valleys

In the ground of winter
The evergreens stand waiting
For their little cousins
Their playfulness and laughter

The spider plant

The spider plant
If I can treat it right
Will treat me to its game
Of white leaves and green stripes
That seem to grow straight
And then to curl down
Strong from the root
then supple and round

a fountain of blades
styled in a salon
they dance and jingle
at the touch of a breeze

but then comes the stem
hollow like a straw
like a water pipe
that crosses the room

and on the end
a tiny white flower
unfolds from the instructions
sown inside the cloth
with out a seamstress
or a fashion designer

to cut out the shapes
and bind them together

then the tiny white petals
fall away
then some kind of seed
like the eye of a fly
hides mischievously
in a casing

then out comes
that baby spider plantlet
hanging on a stalk
like a tightrope walker

be careful then
spider plant lover
soon there are more
and the spider plant takes over

Nature is law

Nature is law
It is the rule of growth
It is the government of life

Nature is kind
The way it grows wild
So as not to overwhelm us
With its battalions
Nature is a belt
Around the waist
It supports us
Until our nature dies

The laws of nature 2

The laws of nature
Are about deign
About combined materials
That flows and blooms
That plays and rests

They are chemistry and biology
That interact
They are purpose and surprise
They are perfect and factual

From plants to planets
They are cyclic and measured
They explode and explore
They are energetic or leisured

Like an equation or an alphabet
They are numbered and named

They work and self create
They are vigorous and untamed

The laws of nature
Are governed by wisdom
We build and we grow
According to her system