The flowers of the summer

The flowers of the summer
Are going to save the world
Stronger than the sun they’ll shine
And time cannot cheat them

The flowers of the summer
Will conquer every reptile’s heart
As bold as loves demanding ways
Ploughed into the human soul

The flowers of the summer will be bold
They’ll set the world free from hate
They’ll extinguish anger in the night
And outshine the rainbows covenant

The flowers of the summer will set us free
We will forget the wars we planned
We will love the mystery of their way
As bright as light turning in the galaxy

The flowers of the summer are on their way
Beneath the lawns they push their spears
Into every dark corner of man’s sight
They’ll grow like fountains of new life

I thought that you knew everything
Yet, you will stand back confused
The flowers of the summer are growing
Soon the earth will be for another

The flowers of the summer will be here
Their lights will be wind-blasted
With something beautiful in their candor
Every tree will bow before them

And this is the mystery that you don’t see
As with the blades of grass they blend
Yet something stands beside each one
And sings a lullaby of growth

There’ll be more war and people dying
Plagues and famines will strike us down
But the flowers of summer are growing
And with them the healing we desire

Spring is here (a cubist poem)

Green chick shoot
Egg bulb in the earth
Like little yellow spiders
The chicks
Pour out of the bulb
In their hundreds

While the hen
Sits on sprouting daffodils
or lays daffodil bulbs
In the earth

Green chicks spring out of the ground
Eggs are stuffed with daffodils
Green shoots of clucking daffodils
Cover the earth

Green chick shoots
blurting in the soil
Without mouths
Sporting little green angel wings
And then a heady scent
Comes out of their bills

Bulbs sprout legs
And run about the field
– The hen eats them

A chick wears daffodil petals like a ruff
And withers like a straw

Bulbs have baby chicks inside them
That flower in the sunshine
And then are put into flat trays
To be sold in supermarkets

Plummeting Bird

Plummeting bird
Wings at your side
Hit by a missile
In the countryside

What is your evil?
That you must die
Yet never a tear
In your little bird’s eye

Did you struggle with angels?
And lose the fight
Do they take your wings?
And your power of flight

Plummeting bird
Who flew above Queens
Plummeting bird
Who flew above dreams

Plummeting bird
My oh my
Falling to earth
How well you die

With plumage like fire
That lights up the sky
Falling to earth
How well you die

Plummeting bird
With a dove in your claw
That flies to freedom
Before you hit the floor


A brown autumn leaf on a black pond
– Was it you? Not breathing, quietly alone.
Then the earth began to hide its light
This thought was buried back at the limit
Of the ovate leaf of thoughts that night
Sang a lullaby to, and it was you
Afloat on sleeping water, packed up
For winter, the movement of the human

Body’s weight of silver soul and mind
Entwined together, a love unconsumed
By the heart beating beneath the days
Of reflection, running to catch him and
Saying – it was you.

But for you there was me in the setting sun
Already set – as the bright darkness
Where the stars shone, where you were walking by

That Staffordshire pond; it must be you
I felt you as you quickly passed by in life
Making an impression you vanished –
Into the roads disappearance thinking –
Briefly, you’d missed something that was there
Floating on the water the last leaf of me
In autumn

Regrets make a fine food to dine on soon

You’re not hungry, you’re growing thin fading
Like every hope you’ve had was rooted
In your past uprooted by pride and the
Stupid fight that leaves behind these leaves
On the waters of regret, you drink hoping
One last resurrection time to come
Alive- out of mind

Never Steal The Eggs Of An Eagle

Never steal the eggs of an eagle
Never steal the eggs of a golden eagle
For the eggs are precious and very rare
and the parents don’t forget you
They follow you from the clouds
and they wait until the night
To repay you an eye for an eye

So never steal the eggs of an eagle
Never steal the eggs of a golden eagle
For they fly to you in the night
and they repay you an eye for an eye
They watch you in the night
and they watch you where you lay
Then they come in the night
and they take your baby away

Park bench, sandwiches

Park bench, sandwiches
You began feeding a pigeon
A sound like the Holy Spirit descended
A flock of browns, creams and greys
They tussle, gulp down crusts
I am for a poor footless stumpy one
Thin and bedraggled
It totters along on its stumps
Overtaken by the scrum
It dives under their legs
Sad skeletal neck thrust out
It flops beneath their bodies
I persist and it gets fed
I grab at a plump one
That pigeon look of amusement
I sense you beside me
Lost in thought
I feel runny nosed, boyish, unromantic
The child in me suspended in formaldehyde
We struggle out of ourselves
To find romance
Like blind chicks from an egg

I seek not and I am left alone

I seek not and I am left alone
I let go because I am sad
The soul is in the blood and is made of self
Without a mother, the baby dies

Learn about what nature says to God through nature
The design of nature is the foundation of mankind
In the void, I hang like an autumn leaf
On this branch of Gods memory

If the best that everyone has to offer was allowed
Goodness like a blanket of snow would cover the earth

Like Honesty

Here I am staring,
At Honesty,
Purses full of seeds.
Some people say
She escapes from gardens,
But I found her alone
By the canal-side
Half a mile from anywhere
One plant growing
On miles of towpath
Soft serrated pear-shaped leaves
Four purple petals
Like butterfly wings
Looking from the hedge-growth
So I picked her and brought her home
And put her in a jar of water
And as evening falls
I stare into the face of honesty
Her flowers
Pretty and vivacious,
Gentle and bright
Have gone and now
She’s turned silver with age
And I’ve fallen into a sad mood
Wishing I knew a girl
Like Honesty

One Brave Bird

One brave bird
Beaten by egg-crushing cats.
One brave bird
Angry at the cat-keeping block.

One brave bird
Has surrounded us.
Squawking with relentless fury
In the gold fire of her heart,

Shooting down bullets of bird spit
That the whole community ignores.
Surrounding the block
With a phantom chain of battling noise;

Her nest a ruin of bones in the hedge
Her new generation murdered.

In the field of few men
A natural garland of nature;
The daises dance in the air
The moles have big blue eyes –

Let one brave bird join you
To live out her long red life.


Spitalfields Music Festival 1996


You have the same voice now
As when you were a girl
You are the same person now
As when you were a girl
Your new found beauty of form and face
Makes you want to search for love
With the urgency of a swelling ocean
As if that vast emptiness
Is the emptiness your heart has found

You see a reflection in the calm sea
You dance sweetly in high heels
Across the glassy waters surface
Joyful in your new maturity
Innocent as gentle snowflakes
Melting in the warm sea
Where armies of fish swim
To the lands of dreams
To war with the surging rivers

Then you fall in love
You grasp at shadows
That weave and fly
You dart like a sea bird
To capture those fish
But who is he
What does he think?
As he swims with armies
To the land of dreams
With young girls following

12 June



The evening was a lantern
Where a weak light let a thousand
Shadows dance, a bodiless dance
To the harpsichords silver tone.

Under the churches portico I sat
Caring for a blindman’s guide dog
Who’d gone through the door
Into the concert inside.

The setting was theatrical
Thistle light burnt through the darkness
The essence of music falling
Into the empty sanctuary.

The churches disrepair
As a million hungry memories
Of Dickens destitute and poor
Filled mahogany gallery

Thirsting for a spiritual drink
The strong smelling breath
Of fallen unrepentant men
Filled the soup rooms in the crypt

Turning their backs upon the scores
Of recital and of cantata
While the blind man’s guide dog whimpered
Waiting for his masters return

The guide-dogs loyal love
Hotter then Hawksmoor’s architecture
More dependable then the human spirit
That let these walls crumble

12 June


What if the moth
Never sees the moon?
It’s not your time
Born in the month of June.
Yellow Underwing
Dead upon the pavement
The moon is due soon
In the summer night sky.
Will it send you spiralling?
Soaked in silver light
Tongue curled like a dragons
Eyes like satellite eyes.
Yellow Underwing
To you the blackbirds sing.
Where did your spirit go?
Where did your spirit drift?
To leave those Yellow Underwings
To startle the street,
Made of tissue paper
Made of talcum powder.

Children much like you
Have been casualties too
Fallen under the scythe
Of rush-hour blindness.
Yellow Underwing
Where does your spirit drift?
Let me open my palm
Let me catch it upon my palm
Let me take it back home
Let it flutter there
Around the light-bulb
With wings all aquiver
Made of coloured silks
Dusted with scented talcum powder
A lover in the night
Sending signals to the moon
Restless for some tender care
Restless for delight.

Yellow Underwing
Pretty Underwing
To you the berry filled blackbird
Sings a song in passing
That saw you born;
That saw you fall
Clumsy from your sleep
Under the scythe
Of rush-hour blindness;
Smaller then a tiny flower
Your spirit circled and went away
To leave your painted body
To fade from natures gallery;
And does your tiny spirit
Fade away like a flower?
Or like a seed is it saved?
To sleep beneath the earth
Yellow Underwing
To sleep beneath the earth.


Evening light was fading

Evening light was fading
Violins played endlessly
Tension grew continuously
Isolation grew a lucid dream

Evening faded, violins played
Tension grew in fading light
In elongated stretched chords
Church vibrated continuously

Violins threw gladiatorial nets
A stampede of tension, rapid of sound
Loneliness blossomed like Bittersweet
Hung in the isles like repentant dead

Violins played continuously
Evening light faded endlessly
Tension grew, a public execution
The lucid dream engulfed the church

Muscles vibrated like steel strings
Flesh quivered like sound boxes
Air was strewn with molecular graffiti
Pins of sound like arrows of battle

Violins played endlessly
Tension grew continuously
Breathless out of control
Then they ended suddenly