How many squares are in a word?

How many squares are in a word?
How many words in a square?
How many triangles are in a sentence?
How many sentences are in a triangle?
How many books are there in a circle?
How many circles are in a book?

How many words form a cube?
How do they fit into the corners?
How many sounds are in a globe?
How many globes emanate from a sound?
Where does the noise in space come from?
Where does the space in noise disappear to?

How many words are found in a time span?
When does a time span begin from a word?
How many ears listen to a sound?
How many sounds are found in an ear
When did the ear and the voice come from?
When did the voice know the sound it made?

Some thoughts about fake news

There has been (a lot of) fake)news about the bible! ///-
the world I think is built on fake news
otherwise known as lies
well there’s some good in the world
medicine and science, art and sport
and many other things
that have had their brightest light setting taken away from them
by the rising tide of mis-management and greed
God has not had published that science is bad
but a lot of science says that God is non-existent

yet go back to the story of Adam and Eve
there were many trees in the garden
but there were two that should be left alone
the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
so these trees represented something about life and learning
that there were many other trees in the garden
suggests that there were other trees
that represented other things to learn about
and indeed wasn’t Adam by naming the animals
also having to learn about them
alas the lies, the fake news of the serpent
led the first world into a millennium of violence and calamity
and of mankind having to begin all over again