Sara Seahorse

Sara Seahorse
All that glitter
In your hair
Sara Seahorse
Gathering straw
For her mare

Sara, Sara Seahorse
Walking by
The riverside
Sara, Sara seahorse
When will you
Be the bride

Sunsets in your diaries
Stars in your jewellery case
Her beauty is breath-taking
Her life a fleeting breath

Sara Seahorse
Sleeping silently
In the tide
Sara, Sara seahorse
Twists and turns
In the seas side

Come down from your pyramid

Come down from your pyramid
Use sand to make a table and four chairs
Let the dogs chase the cats without fear of burial
Drink to the god who was never there

Come down from your pyramid
Handmaiden of the dead and destroyed
By the global river sit down
Fish for suns in the fast flowing current

Come down from your pyramid
Re-join the troops going home
This is the end you are free soon
Take this newfound love of something more

Let us forget the pain of the world

Let us forget the pain of the world!
He threw down a bag of money
The wine and the stars were mixed together
Love was a breath of wind rising up on the shore

The sea became motionless, the night became still
Nothing moved but the beating of our hearts
We died together yet we also lived
Such is the way to the stars

Damien Dandy

What have you been afraid of?
All these years?
What have you been afraid of?
Motorbike in country lane
You are the hawk headed rider moth
Damien dandy

Your friends the mirror people
In dusty country halls and bars
With an acetylene blowtorches
Melting down your stolen stars
Damien dandy

Test tube Teresa on the mantelpiece
In an iron corset from the coast
A bullhead in the larder
With candles burning in the garden
Damien dandy

Kiss me quick said the old hag
Selling fortunes at the fair
What are you afraid of?
When you say you haven’t a care
Damien dandy

Amongst the tipping rain

Amongst the tipping rain
I saw an arrow falling

And it was lost in the rain
And fell into a pool

The 1950s house would not stand still
Until I drew flowers in the garden

The house was drawn with crayons
By a child of distant memory

It’s strange how some memories endure
Like mirrors in the sky

The ringdove that sat on the roof
Had the cloud wrapped around it

One of the women was looking at something
The other woman looked ambivalent

They were drawn carefully with a light touch
They do not seem to know me

She does not wish to be seen

She does not wish to be seen
She hides her face
She turns into the shadows

In her heart she keep a beast
A beast in chains
That she shows me

In the darkness of her face
A light come on
Like the light from a half closed door

She sits apart
Like a circus owner
Rehearsing her act for the show

Arctic people

they spoke slowly like dolphins
slowly like volcanic eruptions
of how their ocean is growing taller
of how their home was decreasing

and then you were shown
the giant incisors of the ocean waves
cutting like beavers through thick trees
cutting through the cliffs that crumbled like cake

they spoke slowly like stars glowing in the night
they are the children of the ancient footpaths
their huts are filled with the dark waves
their eyes grow out of the ground like tall rhododendrons

then you were shown the plan of their village
you were told how they were captives there
among the oil drums and the heaps of rubbish bags
and you were reminded of how they used to be free

run away, sleep with the polar bears in the ice caves
and stay there until all this goes away

the ocean is upside down
it’s head is a great deep monster
growling in the deep ocean trough
and with his many tiny toes
he runs beneath the sky

the ocean is an upside down giant
his head is stuck in the ocean depths
and on a million legs of wind
he hangs from the sky

the deeper you go down to his pillows of rest
the more you tremble
his voice is the sound of a deep sea whale
his mouth can swallow a fallen star

Newtok, A New Beginning
The Yupik village of Newtok in western Alaska, population 380, is sinking as the permafrost beneath it thaws. Erosion has already wiped out nearly a mile of Newtok’s land, and it is estimated that in three to five years it could be underwater. The entire village is in the process of moving to Mertarvik, a new village site about nine miles away. Newtok is the first community in Alaska that has already begun relocation as a result of climate change—pioneering a process that many other Alaskan villages may soon undergo.

Recording: Ordinary People

So the first song was the main song and we spent more time on that. this second song was done in a bit of a rush because she had more musicians turning up so i hurried out.

Recording “track” made at Bassment studios of the my “Ordinary People” song

Recording “I want to heal you”

So I got to Mornington Station and went the wrong way well of course I would I always do. Unfamiliar places, easy to get lost. The studio was in the basement of a huge house, very nice and relaxed. And Felix made me a cup of tea with a marsh mallow and off we went.

This is a studio Recording of my song “I Want To Heal You”

A Stranger at the Dinner Table

Several people re sat around a dinner table. I do not know who they are; they seem nice, friendly, unassuming. I do not see their preoccupations with each other.
They pass the salt, they pour the coffee, I like that the sun is shining, at how relaxed I feel with them, at how well the meal was so well organised; a family meal that has been happening every day for years.
Their clothes are clean and well fitted. The table cloth is clean. Items on the table include a pen and paper, a radio, a bracelet.
At one point in the meal they were all passing something to each other, their arms were folding at the elbow, swinging from the shoulder a motion that surrounded the table like a paper chain. Then they put their arms down and began to chat.
The wife spoke and as she spoke the salt cellar exploded like a small volcano and everyone was surprised, she though, not seeing the miracle or the response to her table talk just laughed.
The husband a few minutes later said something. The olive jar cracked open and the olives rolled over the table’s edge. The birds from a nearby tree flew down, do birds eat olives, and ate them.
The dinner resumed. The two twin girls started arguing over the chocolate mousse which stated to bubble and in the bubbles could be seen dark wicked eyes appearing. The mother told them to stop squabbling and be quiet.
The guest began to tell a story of his recent travels abroad. I was in Valencia recently he said and the gravy boat capsized like a ship and spilled over into the lap of their son’s new girlfriend.
This all hinted at the secret life of the family. I asked for captions to appear above their heads to show what they were really thinking.
The husband liked the son’s new girlfriend.
The wife was having an affair with the guest.
The twins were both in love with their tennis coach.
The group dispersed to various rooms in the building and the husband to his garage. The attractive maid came out to clear up the table. Suddenly on a distant hill a house caught fire. A fire engine passed by and all the firemen were singing