The curse

There is a sign
That says
He hates you still
So I take the blame
For everything

There is a sign
Above the street
-He never loved you
Not even
When you loved him

There is an omen
In the daylight
That creeps in to you
At night

There is his spirit
That works on another
From far away

Someone who is agreeable
to his heart
a mute assassin
a shadow of death

My brothers divorce

My brother, he was rich
He worked hard
(I suppose)
At a well-paid job
With a respectable wife
That taught him the rules

He rejected the poor
Those who despair
He protected his home
From being tainted

But I think
That deep inside him
His humble roots
Got entangled with hers

They strangled one another
They could not breath
This was the body of their marriage
And their hearts were not in it

Invent a life

Invent a life
In the blue trees
Weave your performance
On the glittering stage
Of time

Create a world
In your time on earth
Reflected in the face
Of a balloon

Not rich
Like an orange
Not strong
Like a road
Love is invisible
In the sunlight
That plays a song

In the clock
Of the day
You get to know
The minutes
What is it like?
To be the sea

If the rule was to win
On a planetary scale
Will you lose
The performance
Within you

Life is a lot
Of pieces together
Each one
Fits like a
Different dress

When you think
That the full moon
Will not return
To your doorstep
Because you drop the cup
And drink the flowers

The person inside
Wakes up
Life is that kind
Of comedy

Look for an opening
When all seems closed
Did you see me
Do that
Was I alone?
In my authority

Are you free?
To return
To your memories

Is it real?
To love you
Is it different?
Can I try on
Your wings
And buy different clothes

It all comes together
Before the sea
Do not be afraid
To feel

How life could have had meaning

If I could take a dropper
And squeeze into her eyes
A special dop of holy water

And she began to see me
As a grouse she keeps on a leash
And with startling truth she melted

And reaching out I grabbed flakes of ice
And I felt something again

If I could take an eye dropper
And drop into her eyes
The transformations of time tables
Into solar panels
A reworking of ideas into
A pure clarity of heart
So that seekers far and afield
Would turn towards her
Like a pot of gold
Exposed by a solar flare

If I could drop into her eyes
An ocean complete and without storm
Of lime and lemon water
And broken waterfalls repaired
By an angelic workforce
And in response I could
Become a little more alive

I’m bored without you here

I’m bored without you here
When you are here
You don’t know me
My home has no peace
When you’re here

The film is half way through
I turn it off a moment or two
It’s lonely without you
But it’s peaceful too

In the valley of December
There’s a moon strafed, time scraped silence
The cat is real, the flat is still
The wind blows ridges in the air

Some days it’s like a grave here
Everything’s a fright
Lonely in the winter light
But not as lonely as it seems
I just like to escape to my dreams

Or sit and dull my life down
Watching TV without any sound

I love my art
But my art doesn’t love me
It sits on my easel
Waiting to be fee

I feel I must be trapped inside a TV
I have to give up
There’s no love

You give to me

You give to me
I give back to you
But still, I do not know
How much you hide

My bank is poor
My funds are few
But still, I feel
I give so much to you

The fences, the defences
Our corridors
Our market stalls
Surrounded by four walls

Our journeys
To find you something
I do not know
A precious part of you
Lost long ago

What is it
What is it makes you mourn?
That all your life
Is night and never morn


Janice, it was told
Your lovesick boyfriend – became so bold
He could not live without you
He would love you forever

Janice, were you frightened?
Did you wish that he would go?
A little bit of detective work
Will tell you all you need to know

Perhaps he was a homeless man
Perhaps he was an orphan
Perhaps he lived in council care
Or worked as a shoreman

Never seeing any woman
Never feeling love before
Perhaps it came down all at once
And made him hit the floor

Janice did he fight you
Did your father make him leave?
Janice did you hear from him
And did your heart feel grief

I don’t know if you married
Elder cousin of mine
Maybe you lived a lonely life
Without a track on time

Dreaming of his bruises
Dreaming of his cries
The man who truly loved you
Until the end of time

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