she windes me up

she windes me up
to the point where
I am little pieces on the floor
Contemptuous and weak

Until I am a shitbag
Of dead leaves and snails
The rotting wood of an old fence
That cats jump over

Throttled dead like a pink balloon
Emptied of breath
A carcass for a vulture
The wet remains of a dream

She windes me up but I do the same to her i think, unintensionally.


A family must should try
to forgive one another
and talk over their feelings
it can be difficult at first
but if you succeed
then your family will be happy

if you think that what matters
is having peace within you
that it may be attractive
it may work in general principal
but there’s something else
you need to do

before you can have peace
you need to make peace with others
you need to settle with them
their feelings about you

unreasonable hatred is common
rooted in unaddressed rivalries
how do you put out these flames?
peace then has to be active

I don’t know, I don’t know

I don’t know
I don’t know
Like a big turtle
Stuck in the sand
Full of diamonds

I don’t know
I don’t know
Like a frisbee
Stuck in the wind
You leave me

I’ve stood amongst the rocks
Waiting for you
Ginger haired model
Of the artist’s studio

The sea goes out
I hear a train coming
I lay branches along the shore
For your winged feet

My brothers divorce

My brother, he was rich
He worked hard
(I suppose)
At a well-paid job
With a respectable wife
That taught him the rules

He rejected the poor
Those who despair
He protected his home
From being tainted

But I think
That deep inside him
His humble roots
Got entangled with hers

They strangled one another
They could not breath
This was the body of their marriage
And their hearts were not in it

Invent a life

Invent a life
In the blue trees
Weave your performance
On the glittering stage
Of time

Create a world
In your time on earth
Reflected in the face
Of a balloon

Not rich
Like an orange
Not strong
Like a road
Love is invisible
In the sunlight
That plays a song

In the clock
Of the day
You get to know
The minutes
What is it like?
To be the sea

If the rule was to win
On a planetary scale
Will you lose
The performance
Within you

Life is a lot
Of pieces together
Each one
Fits like a
Different dress

When you think
That the full moon
Will not return
To your doorstep
Because you drop the cup
And drink the flowers

The person inside
Wakes up
Life is that kind
Of comedy

Look for an opening
When all seems closed
Did you see me
Do that
Was I alone?
In my authority

Are you free?
To return
To your memories

Is it real?
To love you
Is it different?
Can I try on
Your wings
And buy different clothes

It all comes together
Before the sea
Do not be afraid
To feel

How life could have had meaning

If I could take a dropper
And squeeze into her eyes
A special dop of holy water

And she began to see me
As a grouse she keeps on a leash
And with startling truth she melted

And reaching out I grabbed flakes of ice
And I felt something again

If I could take an eye dropper
And drop into her eyes
The transformations of time tables
Into solar panels
A reworking of ideas into
A pure clarity of heart
So that seekers far and afield
Would turn towards her
Like a pot of gold
Exposed by a solar flare

If I could drop into her eyes
An ocean complete and without storm
Of lime and lemon water
And broken waterfalls repaired
By an angelic workforce
And in response I could
Become a little more alive