The reason why

There’s a war of good and evil
In the battles being fought
The king of truth goes forward
But he risks being caught

Go back to the mountain
Lead us on from there
Do not let the evil
Trap you in its lair

The armies of the king of truth
Then with their battle cry
Surged forth against the evil ones
To win or else to die

The king of truth watched over
Until the time was right
When the lies they told about him
Were visible in the light

And then with a mighty anger
And then with furious might
He vanquished all the evil
Within everybody’s sight

For while you’re called a liar
There’s nothing you can do
Until the accusations
Are broken by the truth

The Tigris and Euphrates

The Tigris and Euphrates

The Tigris and the Euphrates
Flow side by side
Hear the song of their glory
By the riverside

The history of their land
Flows in their blood
The mystery of their land
That tastes of the flood

On the Tigris and the Euphrates
On the left and on the right
Flowing through the changes
Of day and night

And floating on the Tigris
A flower of wisdom
And floating on the Euphrates
A flower of life

To idealise something

To idealise something is a sugary hit
It lasts as long as you can think of it
A thing idealized becomes an idolized thing
That people bow down to and worship
There’s an ideal example of a woman
That no woman can become
There’s an idolized image of a woman
That melts slowly in the sun

Solace, Love and Religion

Solace in the ring of moonbeams
The silhouette of the cat against the moon
The river of milk that turns into moonlight
The music from a hollow star tastes of the sun

Love and religion in the hollow of a tree trunk
Split into two by the axe of the lonely heart
Love and religion side by side like two gravestones
One kills the other before they are even dead

Solace like an otter on the riverbank
Her eyes spread seas of reflections
That becomes a lady of cosmic solitude
Whose hands part the universe like a curtain

Love and religion together in chains of blood stained silver
Quickly divorcing like a mountain split apart

Love and religion separated by the wagging of the weeping tongue
Of the brittle shadows of the mind
Love and religion forged in the human fires of time
Separated as perfect enemies by the sword of fear

Love and religion separated by alchemy
The wholeness is never seen in an imperfect world
Sunlight and ice and the radioactive currents of a star
Stake solace to the earth like a glowing molten fire

Her song haunts heaven and beguiles angels
They dance around the sun in a ring
Burning the wings of nightingales into its deep mirrors
Held within by solace who is in charge of dream worlds
Who with an everlasting thread sows together
The endless un-natural enmity of love and religion

Solace born like a liquid silver moon
From the earth and sky of love and religion
She burns like fire by day and glows like frost by night
Tears like snowflakes hover motionless above her sleeping soul

Those who love have separated themselves from religion
Those with religion have separated themselves from love
And in between solace holds them apart
Like two mountains about to collide in Canaan

Each side of their glass partition, yellow with pregnancy
Growing numbers of hollow men write dreams
With sleep-frozen-eyes and the leaf of night stuck in their coagulated blood
Where love and religion become a meaningless mixture of sand grain

For love without religion dies and religion without love dies also
Love alone will be driven to murder and religion alone will start the slaughter

The Scapegoat

There is in the bible the story of the scapegoat. I have often wondered what this could mean, and why does it seem that it was abandoned. Lev 16.8,10,26

At a special ceremony in ancient Israel, the sins of the nation are figuratively loaded onto a goat that is then sent out into the wilderness. (Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur).

Perhaps then this was Gods original plan for the Messiah Jesus, that when he appeared, all of the people would be gathered together at a special ceremony and Jesus would be symbolically loaded with the sins of the nation and sent out into the desert. Everyone present would see this ceremony and understand its significance. Next, it is possible that like Enoch and like Elijah he would have been taken by God up to heaven where his sacrifice would mean the forgiveness of sins for the people. This plan meant that Jesus sacrifice would have been dealt with by God in a kind and less traumatic way then it was. 2 Kings 2;1

But this didn’t happen that way. The devil thwarted this plan. At the appearance of the Messiah Jesus, first, the devil had Judas his disciple betray him, then he got the High Priest to accuse him of blasphemy, and then he got the Roman Governor to execute him as a common criminal. This then degraded the sacrifice of the scapegoat, Jesus, in the eyes of the people so that they would be less likely to believe in it. And it was an even greater test for Jesus than was originally planned.

But still, the devil could not prevent Jesus from being taken up, after three days in the tomb by God to heaven.

Now the rule of a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye comes unfortunately into force. The system that took away the eye of Jesus in return will have to pay it back its own eye; the system that took away the tooth of Jesus will have to pay it back its own tooth, and the system that took away Jesus’ life will have to pay back with its own life.

So the book of Revelations wild beast, (the system), and Revelations the false prophet (its religious support or science) is faced with this kind of justice at the battle of Armageddon.

Yet The Book of Jonah shows that there will be survivors of this calamity for he was sent to ancient Nineveh to tell them of judgement on them by God and so they repented and were forgiven.

In Tudor times when anyone was a threat to the throne, they were incarcerated in the Tower of London until they could be dealt with, and so the Serpent of Revelation is also incarcerated until the end of the thousand years of Gods Kingdom when he will be dealt with.

From Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Azazel, in Jewish legends, a demon or evil spirit to whom, in the ancient rite of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), a scapegoat was sent bearing the sins of the Jewish people. Two male goats were chosen for the ritual, one designated by lots “for the Lord,” the other “for Azazel” (Leviticus 16:8). The ritual was carried out by the high priest in the Second Temple and is described in the Mishna. After the high priest symbolically transferred all the sins of the Jewish people to the scapegoat, the goat destined “for Azazel” was driven into the wilderness and cast over a precipice to its death. Azazel was the personification of uncleanness and in later rabbinic writings was sometimes described as a fallen angel.

Come into my home

Come into my home, to the sickbed of my wife
Sit upon her cot and give her back her life
Invisible unseen healer
Invisible unseen love

You whose home was in the stars
Whose father was the Creator
Wipe the sweat from off of your brow
And take a drink of water

My only door is open to you
My window is open wide
Come inside and sit down by my wife’s side
Invisible unseen healer
Invisible unseen love

Let her see into your eyes
And touch your perfect hand
Let her ask for mercy and let her understand
The invisible unseen healer
The invisible unseen love


The rock of ancestors
A circle of stone souls
In conference
With men;
A circle of ancestors
Being called upon
Would speak.

The beginning
In the eye wind
Of religion.
The mediator
The shaman
The devil
Has been taken –
He talks to
The ghosts;
He is talking to
The spirits
In eternity;
He is the centre
The stars are its tent
The underworld
Is its voice.

The tribes of Britain
Are seated around
The house of the dead
At The centre of the earth
Waiting to know
Are they right?
Are they wrong?

They knew the old stories
Of the times before
The new circle;
They knew
The story
Of the journey
Of the ancestors
From far away
Who founded
The circle of holiness
In the new land.
They could speak to them
Through the shaman
Through the mediator
That danced in frenzy
Around the pinpoint centre
Of the worlds.

The stones began
to awaken
The drumbeat
The frenzied sound
Was in the stones
Was in the priest –
The oracle had come.

The fragments
Began to be revealed
Of the god
Who began all things
That now demanded
A sacrifice
Of thanks.

They were the men of old
Who had followed the setting sun
To the end of the earth;
They were from
The land of the gods
The gifts were collected
They returned to the feast
That the dead would rise.

The stones sleep,
The ancestors
Have no names,
The stars forget.

I’m here to discover

I’m here to discover something
Something good
It’s not apparent
Its maybe love

Or maybe
Just an orange
On the table
That tries to talk
Through the message
Of its colour
Of its ingredients
That wishes to be integrated
With its purpose

Or maybe outside
There’s the Robin sleeping
By a tangle of branches
His eyelids opening and closing
In that funny sleepy way
Of birds on perches
In the middle of the night

There’s always something
Waiting to be discovered
A message unconnected
An experience undeveloped
A distant signal unheard
But I haven’t found it yet
There’s a seal on nature
A seal on me
The air outside
The thoughts inside
Do not match
Are uneven
And I can’t climb out

Human Truth

Seeking human truth

Seeking human truth
The sharp edge of human truth
Too cold a heart, and a man will freeze-up
Too hot a heart, and a man will burn up

Human truth is a patch up of finely scented sentiments
Good enough to build empires but poor enough to destroy them then

I look up at the church bell tower

Sitting on the roof a single black crow
Cawing loudly in the early hour
Echoing in the cool morning glow

As if human truth were his alone
As if he taught men all he’s ever known

A prayer, lost, goes thru alleyways

A prayer, lost, goes thru alleyways
But the thick walls will not let it in
It flies around stairwells to a cold dark house
Where angry voices talk of murder

The prayer never found The Way
It did not know where to go
It flapped in injured flight
Lost in a howling wind of other lost prayers

That flew like bats across the Tower

Pass Over Me


When I left my home
It was a donkey town
With the marshes
I’m an orphan child
With no family
Angel of death
Pass over me

I’m a firstborn son
An only one
My parents died
I was left to run
I saw the rider
On the sea of reeds
Angel of death
Pass over me

The night descends
I look for a bed
The stars disappear
The midnight is dread
I’m an orphan child
With no family
Of angel of death
Pass over me

The Egyptian king
He wouldn’t let go
To the saviour
He kept saying no
My parents died
There’s only me
Oh lord of death
Pass over me

There was a door
With a painted sign
A hand came out
And grabbed me in time
I’m an only child
Let me be free
Oh angel of death
Pass over me


Pass over me, pass over me
I’m an orphan child, a firstborn son
I sleep in the field, I work in the sun
Oh, please, pass over me