Burying God

Burying God
In favour of a washing machine
All this modernity
Is it a ritual dream?
And these leaders
That speak for us
They all have a sell by date
Now is the moment
Don’t leave it too late
We still like a ritual
Empty s they are
We still like to have a seat
Inside a bee’zy car

Burying God
In favour of stainless steel
In favour f a computer
Or just a lemon peel

Oh, I dreamed of a cul-de-sac
When I was a child
I couldn’t find a way out
It made me a little wild

A little wild at father
And at mother too
A little wild at teacher
A little wild at you

No one had an answer
No one understood
Everyone was blind gone on
No one seemed any good

Living in a nightmare
Living in a grave
Living in a cul-de-sack
That mankind had made

Burying God
In favour of TV
Seemed such a waste
Too me

Sunday Sermon

The first beast
Led on by
The second beast
To fight at Armageddon
But fight who?

The king of the north
Marching to fight
The king of the south
But who is the king of the south?

What if they both
meet each other
In catastrophic combat
Into which
heaven intervenes?

The world
is in the power
of the wicked one
An invisible angry angel
that fights against God
for procession
of the earth
By using humanity
and The earth as a battlefield
Even now
You can see the destruction
In nature

The kingdom of God,
The kingdom of heaven,
the invisible champion
Of good for those
Who live on the earth
And the Yehovah
Is the Father of creation

People in the news
Are astonished
By the senseless
Destruction they see
As if an invisible giant
is smashing things
to smithereens

The inspired expressions
Where do they come from?

Somewhere in the middle
Of the conflict
Calling not for God’s help
But for human help

The war against God’s Self
Took place in the middle east
In ancient times
Has that conflict
Moved site
To European lands

These are my present questions
It’s hard to tell
All these rivalries
Are going

The antichrist will appear

“The antichrist will appear”
And maybe he did
Perhaps pulling a small cannon
Over the muddy trenches
Then, one day he was chosen
Admired for his guttural smoke and fire
And his army courage
And he was lifted up amongst some angels
That dressed in black leathers
And had rows of feathers for wings

The antichrist will appear
Like a poisonous flower in a bloody field
And grow out of the ruins
Like a stone cracking giant robotic
That grabs the tail of the fleeing lizard
And with his film-star know-how suave egotism
He becomes the Messiah to the refugees
And promises them the power and the kingdom
And the blood of their enemies
And weapons from the Ruhr

The antichrist will appear
And out of the mountains he came
Down into the turmoil of the land
Of misfortune and political chaos
Th father of the country
The new father like the old father
With a building program for the people
And a social program for the people
That was layer upon layer
Of graveyards dressed in flags

The antichrist will appear
Out of history like a golden thorn bush
There was to be no god but him
No people but his
No kingdom but his
And all would be made pure

They ask where is God

They ask
Where is god?
where is God?
and the two
are confusing

god is an enemy
of God
but no one knew
how to distinguish them

god is the ruler of the world
God is the creator of the earth

So they asked
Where was god
When all this happened?
It was god
Who made it happen
So that you
Wouldn’t believe
In God

And god
Created the antichrist
And gave him
A tumble-down nation
Falling to pieces

And he led them
Out of slavery
And into world war

And god said
It is good
God will be defeated
In their eyes
And have to give
The world over
To god

And the antichrist
Fought for world domination
With promises
Of a world ruled
By him
But overseen by god

But the antichrist
Was beaten
By his own hubris
And he was never seen again
And nothing could resurrect him
And when he died
His kingdom died with him

Hey Judas

How bad it must have been for Judas
Strapped down into a bed
Or locked up in a padded cell
His brains like ball bearings

How bad it must have been for Judas
Bristling with syringes
Prodded by angels in white coats
Charged with treason by heaven

All you good inmates beware
Of the thirty pieces of silver
That are piled up by the ashtray
That run away like spiders

Say to him no, I have my own troubles
Say no, leave me out of this squabble
The devil is on your shoulder
Hey Judas

We are droplets of eternity

We are droplets of eternity
Shadowy dancers who ask
Can I be real?
We dance on umbilical cords
Like little wooden clocks
How easily predictable we are

We are droplets of eternity
Released into the sack of life
The drying ground of earth
Becoming a strata of bones
In earths feral history

To die
In supermarket earth
To waste away
Like MFI board on the heap
Our bones
Like architectural ruin
Weathered and fragmented
By empty packets of soap powder
Cat litter trays
The scaffolding from billboards

To die in supermarket earth
On shelves
Wrapped in plastic bin liners
Amongst the chicken bones
From a Christmas dinner
What were our faces for?
Why did our hearts beat so fast?
As we are peeled out of the night sky
Like stained glass transfers from glass

At the end of time
Mankind will gather
To ask for mercy
They who will not even be allowed
A burial in the living earth

At the end of time
Mankind will cry
Its selfish arrogant cry
Amongst the laughter of birds

My parents died
And were burned in the fire
Their ashes were scattered

It needs one heart
Living in eternity
To remember the dead
And their lives
Will not have been in vain

What happens after we die? I support the biblical view rather than the scientific view.

You have been in the dungeon of death

You have been in the dungeon of death for a long time
Suddenly you are brought up to the ground
There is a carnival going on, a gala
Thousands of people are eating and drinking
Musicians are playing and acrobats are tumbling
Here he is they say, here is the next one
The next one for what? The next one for judgement
Then a group of prisoners all chained together
Amble into view and each one gives testimony
To what you lied about, to what you stole
Then a sound like thunder ransacks the earth

the numbers of scripture

The roman were awoken
In the year of his death
Amazed by an unusual picture
The Son of God
As he takes his last breath
Speaking the number of scripture

I came from the troubled
Country of old
I rambled through hurricane and twister
Then a leaf on the tree sang a bird song
Learn the numbers of scripture

I came to the cannon chain
Bleeding my gum
Then I heard the explosions
Run from the battle
Get away from the gun
And learn the numbers of scripture

Into my room came
The stars of the earth
But I never learnt how to kiss her
I rolled up my carpet
And beat my toy drum
The many numbers of scripture

And down in the valley
Surrounded by hills
I could not find a brother or a sister
Yet the lake of eternity
Continued to be filled
With all the numbers of scripture

Hey, Mr paper bag

Hey, Mr paper bag
How are you?
Not too good
I was empty
And I got thrown away
Yea, I know how you feel
I’m not empty
But I still got thrown away

Hey Mr paper bag
How long you got left?
Only a short while
The wind blows me along
The rain keep me moist
The sun letssss me sleep
In a quiet shadow

Hey Mr paper bag
Weren’t you useful once
All those years ago
When the grocer
Tore you from a hook
And filled you with stuff

Yea, but once used
I was thrown away
A non-entity
With a short work life
All used up

Well I was looking at you
There on the ground
And I wondered
Why am I looking at you?
Then I knew
I’m just like you
I’m just the same as you

The world is a street
That the wind blows down
It’s beginning is buried
It’s ending is foreseeable
It’s walked over, driven over
Bombed and pot holed
It gave birth to villages and gardens
But wherever it went
It left bodies and graves and mysteries
And it spread out
Into mazes and tunnels and labyrinths
And it ends
Where does it end?
It ends at the runway
The runway that ends
Where something takes off
Into the sky
And it never comes back
And where the street ends
Heaven begins
How do you feel about that?
How do I feel?
I’m scared
I’m scared of heaven
I find it hard to talk about
I try not to talk about it
But I think about it a lot
And where is heaven?
Heaven is wherever there is love
So the street that the world has made
And heaven begins
But who made heaven?
Oh, God made heaven
So maybe there is a God