The coffee cup is a law

Look at the obvious, don’t play detective. The dream of the seashore is not the seashore, it is a dream.
I saw a policeman chasing after comic book characters thinking he had found reality. He couldn’t understand that no matter how many times he arrested the comic book characters the comic book freed them and the comic book story continued.
The world is covered in skin, if you peel away the skin the prison is turned upside down and shaken and everything falls out.
The obvious balloon can confuse people. They do not realise that the breath inside it is their own breath and if the balloon is eternal they being sentient will lose all of their breath to the balloon and the balloon will float away to join another galaxy.
Look at the obvious; reduce the world around you to a line drawing. Chase away the crows as they come to pick the meat from the bones, suddenly the bones are gone. Colours and shapes fall out of the sky and the pigment explodes.
It was not obvious until taking hold of your girl and kissing her a teacher came and scrubbed the chalkboard clean.
It was not obvious; you pour the cream of the law into your coffee cup. All is law, there are laws within laws. There are laws of a different making for a different purpose. The coffee cup is a law.
The bad heart is a law. The good heart is a law. They both disagree. The bad heart begins to cry: it is a law. The good heart begins to laugh: it is a law. Another law tries to decide between them. Now it becomes both the bad and the good law. Who can know where or how love lives in these good and bad laws? Love conquers all.
Look for the obvious, look for love.

He slept by the river

He slept by the river without interruption:
Firstly he dreamt of ladies sailing by in the night, then he dreamt of ravens swooping down and circling his head, then he dreamt of girders growing all around him.

In his sleep texts kept slipping into his mind in the form of  questions that he forgot very quickly: when he awoke he searched the earth around him but he did not find them.

They had asked him: Are you trespassing? Is it illegal to sleep by the river? and should you be in gaol?

His appearance in the middle of the night was a block of grey stone.
The river police did not notice him as they cruised by beneath the crescent moon.
All was empty in a primordial vacuum; all was silent without any debt to the spiritual.

He was like a tiny button on the enormous coat of the clouds on the ghost of the universe. He awoke to a large dark crowd of angry homeowners surrounding him like devils – he ran.