Psychological torture

I carry
Psychological torture
Like a bag
Of used tickets

I was prepped
In childhood

I lived with
Psychological torture
Throughout childhood

My mind
Was a hawthorn tree
Of psychological torture

As a result
I am able to identify
The psychological torturers
In our society
At long distance

A new house has appeared
It is the secret agency
Of psychological torture

It builds constructs
In society
For its bricks and mortar

When they change the law
To bolster security
This secret house
Will blossom like a rose bush
In the summer sun

They saw me with you

They saw me with you
They saw me with beauty
So they waited in the night
And beat me up on the road
And took you away
And put you in a cage

They did not behave like men
They were robbers
They wanted you for a jewel
In their robbers crown

But the other jewels looked on
With shock and surprise
They backed out of the door
And fled into the night


Privilege is often blighted by arrogance
that sounds dull and hollow
-But a bird lost and abandoned
Will make the sweetest sound

This too is an extinction of humanity
Even man is made extinct by man

Everything has to fit into his carryall
Anything that does not fit is hunted down

If a tiger dares to compare itself to man
If it dares to compete with the beauty of men
It is hunted down and killed
It is cornered and bulldozed

The world moves on in this fashion
From Cain to Chicago

The animals we call game are massacred
The weeds we don’t like are poisoned

Her accent

Her accent is a thing of beauty
Like classical music from ancient Greece
If you listen to her talking
You’d think you were in a stately home

But she changes her accent because of prejudice
Because of people who associate it with privilege
Even though she is poor and overworked
They try to silence her beautiful speech

In any accent, there is beauty of sound
It depends entirely upon the heart of who speaks
All that matters is that you speak with good heart
Then you will outreach the tone-deaf and their envy

She lives in a bed-sit and she works like a slave
She’s the child of wealth, education and privilege

Their knowledge gave her nothing
Without being loved it is all for nothing

But once you fall out of the nest
It’s hard to get back in

But still I hear her beautiful accent
Not of an actress at the top
Not of a princess at a ball
But of a warrior queen
That sings like a nightingale

Thugs and fairy tales

Thugs to me
To me
Everywhere I go
Thugs to me
Thugs to me
In the rain
In the snow
There are thugs
About me
Thugs about me
They love
Their thuggery
In the wool
Thug in the wine
Thugs in the water
Thug in time
Everywhere I go
On rainbows

The thugs in long boats
Sailed to Lindisfarne
First they peed
Then they made
The Christians bleed
And what for?
They worshiped the god of war

There’s a black vein
Running through society
Supplying evil to every brain
It was discovered
In the forest
By lovers
What a nice
Of our tryst
They dragged
It to the castle
On the crag
Not knowing
What they really had
Along came
A witch
She’d found
A perfect match
She grafted it in
And let the evil hatch

The sound of a gunshot
Gets people running
All over the world
Panic sets in
They can’t control their limb
Just one bullet

The old colt pistol
A still in its case
It came
with the equipment
To make your own bullets
How innovative
How irresistible
When you’re out there
On the range
And you run out
Make your own

All along the south coast

Like a baby born in a dark place
Like blindness – that’s what life is

All along the south coast of England
I see a sunset

It rises over the cliffs and the beaches
Singing songs from a musical

Am I allowed a little more light?
I can see some under the butter dish

I fell into a black water lagoon
I came out looking like a swamp thing

That sunset along the south coast
I’ve seen it before

I’ve seen it in the movies
I’ve seen it in toy theatres

Only the English would do such a thing
It’s meant to cheer us up

But the further north you are
The worse it gets

Alternative Lifestyles


Babies are born
From a spring
They emerge
One by one
They crawl
Through meadows
Through forests
Then they reach
The factory

Inside they are building houses
Inside they are making guns
The babies
All the way back
To the spring
To find hundreds more babies
Who had seen the same thing

Onion Parenting

In an onion
The parent
Is born first
Then the child is born
And covers the parent over
The parent in the middle
The children
Growing all around
When the family is fully formed
A plant emerges
And a new parent I born

Who needs men

Who need men
Who needs war
Who needs trains
Who needs hardcore
Let nature take over
The well spring of life
The meadow of morning
The forest of night

What if

What if
There was an earth
Where there was only one man
And females only gave birth to females
What would this earth be like?

Keep away
Star Trek

Three stars in prison

Three stars in prison
Who fell from the sky
There were three tar in prion
Who dreamed of their guy

Three stars in prison
Leslie Pat and Kate
Blood on their hands
For devotions sake

Three stars in prion
Brainwashed and sad
A lifetime in prion
For what they did bad

He twisted their mind
He spun them a tale
Now they are pending
Their whole life in jail