Invest in a horse

My new neighbours are arguing just like my old neighbours
She raises her imperial voice and he growls like a bear

These ground level flats are unlucky flats
I believe they’ve kept the past trapped

They are flats for the poor built a hundred years ago
Built on a flood plain and guarded by embankments

There’s a rising tide in more ways than one
Invest in a horse it the best way to run

To the studio dancing girl

At first, I liked the pictures
Of the temple dancing girls
Shot in the black and white
Of those times
The temple was a studio
Where the camera prayed
To models in bikinis
For nickels and dimes

She loved the cats and dogs
She gave them light
She’d visit in all weather
Their cradles and their dens
The candles of her body
Would light up the night
With smiling stars
The animals could pretend

The night of the spider
When love is torn apart
I saw her carried off
Into its dark heart
And fighting the web
Like a little boy
I fell asleep exhausted
And quietly began to cry

Massive Damage

Blues pulled inside out like a glove full of iron filings coughed up
The iron cross of luck with its stripes of blood

Grabbing the window like a steering wheel
I endure, like a wheel on the road of sacrifice

All traffic jams lead to Golgotha and the blood sunset
and Gods hands in the sky

Jesus picked up his keys and finally went home
Out of his mouth fell tap dancers like teeth

On the night before judgement day
He danced to Singing in the Rain

I took the window frame and sat down
The broken glass kept me warm

She was all that darkness that came from the night
I carried the window frame up the hill to a broken Hollywood

The Holly is a special tree made for drawing the blood out of fingers

Again, I try to get away from the talons griped around my neck
But I was nailed to the floor as a joke on spiritual Jews

I can’t do anything I lack peace with the world
The world throws grenades into my trench as I’m sleeping

I can’t do anything in the world
I am like a silk gold curtain in an atom bomb test

World, your voodoo doll speaks to you
Of the gigantic vultures of Rome

You say grab a Walt Disney DVD and don’t cry
Putty up and let the light shine on your grazed knees

I held it all; I embraced the cat of death
Down its throat I swam like an alligator swallowing an albatross

The love I think of as love has an anvil in its mouth
I could not dam the river and a bouncing bomb is not enough

Sunday night going down
I swim to find an air pocket

Play for me Titanic
The battle of Watling Street in my grave

Sunday night going down
A dead love crushed by a marching band

Look through the window
At the skull picked out in the moonlight

The deeper you fall the harder it is to stay alive
The well rumbles with laughter

They throw the window frame down after me
He’s blind they say, he’s blind

Down in the bottom of the well
Down in the graveyard worm pile

I still look for answers; I still need light
These thoughts came to me care of Copyright 2020

With Brexit on the news and Covid in my arms

Spiritual friends make the best friends
Spiritual rules will break you

Spiritual rules in the hands of fools
Cause massive damage

PS. The Jesus of verse 4 is a car mechanic and he lives in Spain

Recording: Ordinary People

So the first song was the main song and we spent more time on that. this second song was done in a bit of a rush because she had more musicians turning up so i hurried out.

Recording “track” made at Bassment studios of the my “Ordinary People” song

Recording “I want to heal you”

So I got to Mornington Station and went the wrong way well of course I would I always do. Unfamiliar places, easy to get lost. The studio was in the basement of a huge house, very nice and relaxed. And Felix made me a cup of tea with a marsh mallow and off we went.

This is a studio Recording of my song “I Want To Heal You”

I want

I want governments to be truthful
And never to tell lies
I want the government be be fair
And to work hard with both sides

I want lies to be outlawed
And penalties applied
I want truth to be upheld
And leaders to be wise

I want love in the high chair
To settle the disputes
I want love to be right there
And to give rebukes

Because the sins of rule are many
They fall down like hail
It’s difficult to keep warm
When rulership starts to fail

And not to harm another
In the name of any law
And to love your neighbour
Without keeping score

Song: I’m living in prison England


Bm Am Em Am
I’m living in prison England – with my cat
The postman leaves the mail – on the mat
I’m stamped OHMS – in black
Feed me I’m a TV – in my flat

I’m living in prison England, – The sky is blue
I’m followed by a satellite – I have the flu
A tracker dog lays down – inside my pone
They like to think I’ll always – be alone
In prison England

I live in prison England – by degrees
I rot in prison England – like elm trees
The ocean and the sea – cage me in
I suppose I’m in real good – company

I live in prison England – in a scare
Masks are the most popular – thing to wear
The thruppenny bit portcullis – tells the truth
I’m limited to the things – I can do
In prison England

In our collective imaginations
Lies the fate of our nations
The anthem of the year sets in
We are our own victims

Choking on smoke from our own – air holes
Regardless of our own – immortal souls
Why not leave the car – in a jam
And go down to hell – with the man
In prison England

I live in prison England, – I have no psyche
They know they can shut me down – when they like
Who dares to open up – a box of lies?
There are no forks, there are – only knives
In prison England

The bull is growing fat – in this drought
The walls will explode – he’ll charge out
The clouds will turn red – in the fire
The wind will blow the weather vane – on the spire
Of prison England

Serve your time with me then maybe you’ll see
You can never get away; you will never be free
In prison England

Sibelius audio of music

PDF of song

Note: Song is in the beginning stage. On one hand the chords are repetitive and on the other hand maybe not.

The rose scar

The rose scar
on her hand

the claw
was returned
to the paw

the blood flow
like a bed of roses
has opened up a door

the elderly mother has moved
to the seaside town
blue of dreams

but the daughter girds her loins
and rises like a seagull in the wind

she has two brothers
who were like werewolves

but they had long ago
left their vocation

but still she would wake up at night
to see claw marks on the wall

she said that her home-town was empty
its lights at night were like silent glowing birds

that there was no fairground anymore
of her childhood memories

it was sad to see her so sad
and at how we all can feel so exiled

Armistice Day poems

Now you talk about
A special relationship
Now you talk about
A trade deal

The little god
Talks to the big god
Across their offices
Wit transatlantic zeal

Don’t trade me off
Like I’m a statistic

Well I see the poor
On both sides of the pond
Are you gods
Can you wave your magic wands?

You do the pushing
And someone else pushes back

That’s what it amounts to
On a human level

And what does it lead to
Another level of hell


My heart
The dark Teutonic forest
When it’s dark
The wild shadows
Take over
In dreams

While the quiet little creatures
Huddle under fallen leaves
Waiting for the sun
To brush away the tree tops
And scoop them up
With a friendly smile

It must be in the cosmology these days
This darkness
That lasts like an arctic winter
And saying that it takes months
To remove the boulder
From the Troll’s tomb
This could be the perfect
Epoch for it


It is one of those days
That everyone seems cut off from each other

As if a great being
Was re-cutting the cloth
Wiping the chalkboard

A complaint arises
Its universal
Who will stop the rain

One lady
Who considers herself a gossip
Stops gossiping as if
She were locked in a cell
A man
A very garrulous man
Finds himself lost
As if blindfolded

Graffiti appears
Upon every wall in the city
Who will stop the rain

It does no good to be friendly
It does no good to be the partygoer
You will feel like the mice
Chased by a hatchet

The universe itself
Is being wielded like a discus
By an angry hand
And we can all feel it

And we spend a moment or two
Staring at the sky and wondering
Who can stop the rain


The shadow of foreboding
Falls first
Then there’s complete darkness
As the leash is detached
And the two dogs start fighting

Even though the sun is shining
The commands are dark
There’s no thought of life
Love is put away with the excuse
They must protect their homes
And then they start
To destroy them

The light is not sunlight
It’s what was the human spirit
In times of calamity
It forgets to keep the light shining

Song: Like there’s no tomorrow

Eat up your food
Like there’s no to-mor-row
You’ve got to eat up your food

Momma says she might not
be here tomorrow
so you’ve got to eat up your food

It’s a common saying almost to eat up your food but my mother was always a bit fatalistic with it.