If he can’t have it

If he can’t have it
No one can
The earth
Is not controlled by man

If he can’t have it
He’ll light the fuse
Reduce it all
To bones and blues

If he can’t have it
How does it feel
To lose
What he can’t have
Or steal

If he can’t
Even steal it
Without being seen
He’ll rob and parole it
Fence it up
Fence it in
Blanket over it
Lay a chemical
Blanket over it
White as ash
Bayonet and bullet it
Hunt it down
And kill it

Then lets see
If you want
To fight over it
It would suit him
If there was
Nothing left
Of man or beast
It would make it
Less worth while
To die for it
And maybe
He wouldn’t die too

The earth is my music

The earth is my music
And your tune
Listen to the air outside
Or as it whistles in the room
Or roars across the land
With titanic force
Or fills the lungs of songbirds
Or plays the water course

The earth is my music
And my lament
While some do cry the newborn song
Some go down a vent
I love the sound of earth
Its silence in the night
Its waking sighs of morning
Its symphony of light

There is in the ground

There is
In the ground
Hundreds of shapes
Many not even born
Waiting for prophecy
To release them

There is
In the ground
Hundreds of bright lanterns
Waiting for some hands
To lift them out

There is in the ground
Hundreds of pathways
Waiting for someone
To separate them
Into stories

There is in the ground
Layers upon layers
Of love
Waiting to make things grow

Yet even
In modern society
The potential of the soil
Is not released
And life
Remains hidden


Climate change

What can you do about climate change?
Take a handful of air and try and push it back into place

Redirect the sun with mirrors
Rehouse the clouds in another sky

Not even the biggest government can do this
They’re like flies sheltering from the wind

If you see the avalanche coming, you should get out of its way
If you see the tsunami on the horizon you should run to higher ground

Do you expect the government to fly a plane?
Over the affected area and spray it with chemicals?

Can you blow out a forest fire with your breath?
Can you stand before a flooding river and redirect it like a car?

What you have to do is move out of its way
And let it change.

It would be nice to hear what you think about this poem and about, so please feel free to leave a comment.

The Water of Life

God created a sun to make light
around the sun he created a zone where liquid water can exist
the distance of the zone is 93 million miles from the sun
and this is the habitable zone

where the water does not totally evaporate
and where the water does not totally turn to ice
in that orbit where water exists the earth is fixed
and the earth is a planet where life can exist because of water.

and around the planet was the watery deep
and God divided the watery deep by an expanse
and the water below the expanse He called sea
and the water above the expanse He called heaven.

The book of Genesis is story telling at its most compelling. Perhaps in the gates of a town or camp people gathered to listen to the beginings of life passed on by word of mouth from one generation to the next.

It seems to say that the earth was coverd by the watery deep before any land emerged. And then this watery deep was divided by an expanse perhaps the air and so the sea and the heaven was formed. Heaven in those days must have been what could be seen with the eyes from the land.

It strikes me how well this fits well with scientific fact. With the habitable zone and the amazing facts of the earths place in orbit around the sun. I wanted to put these two things together in a kind of poem. I tried to put it into my own words but some of the style, the idiom of the book of Genesis has crept in. And of course truth to materials has to be maintained for integrity.



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