Baba Yaga

Baba yaga
Is on the border
Baba yaga
Wants to sweep your chimneys

Babg yaga
Take off that suit of office
And sweep yourself instead
Baba yaga

Rolling in flies
That watch across the border
Laughing at the commotion
Baba yaga
Laughing as they
Trip over themselves

Has The thought
entered you
That you could do
That great terrible thing
Against all common sense
Against the system of things

If so, that thought
is not your own
Baba yaga

There’s the equivalent to hard labour

There’s the
To hard labour
In every country
It’s the standard
Of governments
To take away
Your freedom to learn

There’s an equivalent
To mind control
In every society
In the world
They don’t
Necessarily need
Cells to put you in
They can threaten you
They can make you afraid
In many different ways

There are those who are born to explore

There are those
born to explore
They run
Like solitary deer
Through a country of wolves

The wolves
Could be friendly
But they’re made that way
By the world
They live n

You don’t need
To experience
By society
Punishment is already
A studded collar
Worn by every one

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