A dream theatre

You enter the theatre and you find your place
The setting is in darkness
A lion like beast can be seen skulking y the far edge
It is attacked by another larger beast
This image of violence takes centre stage now
The second beast is on the back of the first
Sinking its sharp fangs into the nape of the first ones neck
It will not die quickly
The second beast bites harder and harder

A jeer goes up
Don’t let the first beast die like this

They somehow float up into the sky
Some men maybe angels come to the rescue
One takes the front paw of the second beast
One takes the other paw and they pull the limbs in opposite directions

The second beast has to let go now
As soon as it is pulled off of the first beast
An explosion above our heads
Both beasts seem to have exploded
Fire and charcoal and soot rain down on our heads
The curtain closes

Thespis; a fragment

After a performance in the ancient Greek theatre the famous actor Thespis is praised for his performance.

Thespis, you were wonderful. You really become someone different when
you perform. It’s wonderful to watch you perform and to see
all of this happening today. All of Athens is talking about it, aren’t
you pleased?

No! No I’m unhappy.

Unhappy! Why?

Why…Here look into this mirror, what do you see?
I can only see myself as others see me. My true self is never there.
My reflection in a strange mirror is always unpleasant. I can never see
the man I feel I am there, only the one who others see as me.
The shadows that cover me are full of pain, full of mystery and
strangeness. They expose the grimace that hides in my features,
like hardened leather beneath the surface . A mask that supports the
flesh above.
I know a terrible depression came upon me once. The result of a painful
shock that concussed my whole spirit for several years. That was when the
mask grew beneath the surface of my features. It was of course the old
face that died while the new one grew over it like ivy. But it grew
without love; it grew without correction, for the muscles were in spasm,
there had even been a minor fit that affected one side of my face. The
result of stress from the misery of a terrible loss during childhood. The
mask beneath the surface is all I can ever see of myself….