Human Truth

Seeking human truth

Seeking human truth
The sharp edge of human truth
Too cold a heart, and a man will freeze-up
Too hot a heart, and a man will burn up

Human truth is a patch up of finely scented sentiments
Good enough to build empires but poor enough to destroy them then

I look up at the church bell tower

Sitting on the roof a single black crow
Cawing loudly in the early hour
Echoing in the cool morning glow

As if human truth were his alone
As if he taught men all he’s ever known

I was afraid of reaching this age

I was afraid of reaching this age
I was told it’s when you start dying.

With so many things unsaid, in my head, in my heart, torn apart
I was afraid time would stampede, crying

Before I could sort out what needs to be said
About the world that’s been lying

Lying about love, life and death
Lying without even trying.

It’s been my fear that the pictures in my heart
The works in my soul, the loneliness of my mind

Would be cut short by this stressful life