Satisfied by destruction

He’s satisfied
by destruction
Oh, what a lovely time
He has
While others get satisfaction
From construction
He gets his satisfaction
From going mad

He tried to love his girl
But couldn’t do it
His satisfaction was not strong enough
He longs to bring down cities
In devastation
Gives him a mental fit

He watches from his office
In his backyard
As the bombs go flying in
It really gets his pulse throbbing
Especially when the violence starts to win

He loves his wife and loves is children
But he especially loves to destroy
He never grew up
He never lost it
That love of destruction brings tears of joy

The dust and the rubble gives him pleasure
The gas fires, a wild electricity
Broken walls are pleasure doubled
He dances on the death of a ruined city

He gets his satisfaction
From destruction
It’s a kind of love
He understands so well
Reducing a country into rubble
How he relishes his time spent in hell

Have you ever seen a man like the antichrist

have you ever seen a man
like the antichrist
he did every evil in the book
and wrote the last chapter

have you ever seen a man
like the antichrist
he took fire from the demons laughter
and made an army to conquer the world
which he filled with every kind of destruction

his hollow shadow
is left in the fire grate
and is blown away in the draft

I walk with a bookmark

I walk with a bookmark down to the cenotaph
In a brigade of bookmarks so red in the sun

The girls of the past are waiting
With garlands of daisies for our shoulders

We are the bookmarks of history remembering
The girls that we loved, that we danced with

The sting of war is removed
The scorpions hang their heads in shame

The Great War left a darkness

The Great War
Left a darkness over the earth
Into which we are born
Stunted like pale stems
With no petals
Roots blown apart
Severed arteries
Bleeding into grave

Everything you step on
Every stone, every sand grain
Blown by the wind to rest
Where it lands, is a fragment of war

Born into what
Born into shadows
Born to drink weak soup
Born to clamber
Over the heads of demons
Born into boiling blood
Born into violence

The darkness is huge
It is a forest
It covers the land
Like an eagles cry

The sun penetrates
As into the ocean depth
Where people
Blindly grope their way

Coming out of the forest
You run
The forest runs after you
Like a giant after his slave

Mask Shadow

Would you
Like to call
Mask Shadow?
Asked a soldier

Had been standing
On your doorstep,
I wonder
Who it was?

For every bomb
Dropped on the mountain
There was a journalist,
Now they are all gone.

May all the leaders
Be buried
In one grave
-Where they can
Fight on

The leader
Wears a hairnet
Of internment camps
So he can hear
The screams
Of his prisoners.

Old ladies
Are all
That are left.

Beauty on the block

Dead men
Wander about in here
Wander down
The corridors
Stamping on the floors
Their movements
Like the sound
Of chains
Dragged over rocks

They went
All around
Their homes
Locking windows
Locking doors
From the outside
Yet still
They escape

The light bulbs
Flash on and off
The light bulbs
Are faint
The corridors
Are neglected
They are
Never cleaned

Then this
Beautiful girl
Appears from the lift
And it all goes
A silence of amazement
She walks with angels
And nothing
Can change her


This is the state
Of the world today
Even the sunlight
Is turning grey

Beauty is in a barrel
The ugly gun thrives
Soldiers so maddened
By poor people’s lives

The pretence being
To leave no one alive
To their grinding poverty
And cries

This is monopoly
on a huge scale
death is a counter
that gets out of jail

who burns the houses
who blows up the streets
as trailing behind
are the refugees

This must be the wasteland

This must be the wasteland
That I walk upon
Funny how it first appeared
Funny now it’s gone
Covered now by bird wings
That fly and sing their song
This must be the wasteland
That I walk upon

A hundred years ago
There was a battle here
The sky alone remembers
The blood washed down by tears
Covered now by visions
That the angels left behind
This must be a wasteland
That I walk upon

This must be the wasteland
That bloody awful battleground
This is where the waste ground
Consumed in fire
Look at it now –
And do not cry
This must be the wasteland that I’m on

This must be the wasteland
Converted into farmland
Funny how it still seems bad
To walk here and not feel sad
Covered over now by gravestones
Windblown corpses all alone
This must be the wasteland
That I’m on

If you destroy the olive tree

And when in war you tread
With a helmet on your head
Though you’re fighting to be free
Propaganda led
Through fires of frightening flame
And the enemy who has no name
As your planes scream overhead
And you’re surrounded by the dead
Keep an open door
There really is no need
Why should you make war upon the Olive tree?

Can you stand there and be free
While you allow the olive tree
to Burn
Hear hungry civilians cry
Begging in the street
And learn
To keep an open door
It’s something you must let be
For why should you make war upon the olive tree?

Didn’t God himself make it stand in the field?
Didn’t God himself bless it and its yield?

And when the war is done
And the enemies are on the run
You may have victory
You may see the sun
But you’ll never have your peace
You’ll never be completely free
If you go too far a fighting
And you destroy the olive tree

For AuAu

The song of Ancient Empires

Egypt grew along the length of the great river
they had their pharaoh as god and they built great royal buildings
then they conquered the smaller nations around them and Egypt grew great.

Then the Assyrians came with swords and bows and shields
and the Assyrians were a cruel and warlike people
and they wanted Egypt as a prize and they invaded and conquered them
and Assyria became greater and ruled over Egypt

then the Babylonians came with swords and bows and chariots
and they conquered Assyria and Egypt and they became greater still.
Then one day the Persians came in huge numbers
but thinking they were invulnerable they held a drunken party inside their great walls
but the Persians dammed up the river Euphrates
then they entered the unguarded gates of Babylon
and they conquered them and Persia became greater still

But the Persians wanted to be even greater than they were already
and to conquer the troublesome Greeks and open the path to Europe,
so they sent a great horde of soldiers and a great fleet of ships
but they were defeated by the Greeks greater strategy
then a great king grew up who returned the war to the Persians and he conquered them
and the Greeks became the greatest of the greatest

Then the Romans grew strong with great marching armies
they marched against the Greeks and defeated them and took their empire
and the Romans became supremely great

But the Christians were born and they grew in numbers by word of mouth
and they talked of peace and long life and they conquered the Romans with words of love and peace
but the Romans diluted the words of peace with their own words
and conquered the Christians and changed them with their own beliefs

then the King of Kings, the Christian king came against them and his army was invincible
and the Romans and their progeny were conquered
and the peaceful words of the Christians became supreme above all other things
and Egypt, Assyria and Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome were no more

The lies of war

Here is Love Street
Here is adoration Circus
Here is the Blue Eye Allotment
Here is Blue River cottage

Here is Pink Cop Police Station
Here is Paradise Park

Here is The Bouncing Cat Library
Here is the Crossed Bamboo Crossroads

Here is Blueberry Avenue
Here is Apple Tree Car Park

Here is the Blue Tulip Pub
Here is The Red Admiral Cemetery

Places that I’ve mapped out in my imagination
Places destroyed by war

In my imagination I have created Dodo Town
To commensurate with the extinction of the Dodo

In my imagination I have created the Mammoth Field
In order to commensurate with the extinction by hunting of the fabulous Mammoth

Yet here is Churchill Place, Here is Nelsons column
What did they ever do to save anything from extinction?

Guns and bombs and bayonets, death and destruction
That’s all they ever did, how is that beautiful?

Look back through the smoke of battle

Look back through the smoke of battle
For the life that you once knew
Through the fire, the firearms rattle
For the place where you once grew
Were you then such happy folk
Was it a happy life?
Was it worth the sacrifice?
Now it’s gone up in smoke

The smoke of all those broken hearts
The fire of troubled lives
Where are those memories to find?
Buried in the dust of time

Look back through the smoke of war
Then just close the door

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