Politics drives forward

Politics drives forwards
In slow motion
Through all that we build
Taking time to bury
What grows from the garden

Some kind of shadow
In man
Some kind of answer
To his godlessness
Some kind of carrier
Of the nations
Into the lava of destiny

Politics drives forward
Over every structure
Over every natural plan
That comes to the mind
Of people
That form a line
Behind it
Like dead convicts
Stripped naked of life

Politics drives forward
The tractor
That drives thru the forest
The tank
That drives thru the buildings
With war and destruction
Politics drives on

And in the end
Its’ greatest achievement
Is to plant a flag on the moon

Politics in a normal world
Is choice
Between teams

Is building a team
Of indestructible power
This is its
Ultimate aim
This is its challenge

There was
The war to end all wars
But evil persisted
In the arms that had held guns
That had felt the vibration of rounds
That had saw the flowers of blood

It was the beginning, not the end
The end is yet to come

Peace in the East

Please click on the link to hear an impression of the song

The remembrance of the end of the great war, a war to end all wars, except the politicians lost the point of with the treaty of Versailles. A documentary on TV showed how the Allied politicians wanted to punish the German people and cause them pain with sanctions that caused the new generation humiliation and resentment.

It was the alliances and the treaties between the different nations of Europe that brought each nation into conflict after the assasination of the archduke that grew into a world war. Nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom.

Can present day world politics cause another collision of interests .

This November month is the centenary of the end of the War To End All Wars. This song I wrote fifteen years ago around the time of the mid-east “conflict”.

Peace in the East, lyrics


Peace in the east, peace in the west
Peace for the poor, peace for the oppressed.


These could be such happy days
These could be our best
Talking peace from north
Talking peace from east to west

Peace in the east, peace in the west
Peace for the poor, peace for the oppressed


If you were cast adrit my friend
Upon the open seas
Could you steer the boat my friend
And make all people free

Peace in the east, peace in the west
Peace for the poor, peace for the oppressed

If you were a farmer
Whose ground was very tough
Could you reap a harvest
To feed the world with love

Peace in the East, peace in the west
Peace on the right, peace on the left




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