Song: The Law Code (of Hammurabi)

Ancient Babylon
Made this law
Feed the hungry
Help the poor

What does it mean
What does it say
A-bout living
In the world today

In the heart of man
There is this code
Care for the widow
Give the naked one clothes

Listen to complaints
Don’t take a bribe
Treat with fairness
Don’t tell lies

I was reading a book by Friedrich Delitzsch called Babel and Bible, 1903, where he talks about the new archaeology of the middle east, the discovery of Assyrian and Babylonian temples and clay tablets.
What I liked was how he mentions that God put the need for justice in the human heart and that the laws of these ancient peoples whether Israelite or Babylonian, Moses or Hammurabi, reflected this feeling that the heart has.

Things are gonna change

Possibly a folk song

Things are gonna change
Things will go for good
Kings are gonna rise and
Lands are gonna flood

Seas are gonna rise and
Lands are gonna fall
Strings are gonna play their dirges
Brass are gonna play their call

Locusts gonna fly and
Scorpions will sting
Ravens will fly to mountains
Doves will spread their wings

The earth is gonna quake
The world is gonna move
some are gonna win and
Some are gonna lose


Violence and passivity

Violence and passivity
Go hand in hand
Like boy and girl
Across the blood-stained land

One man stabs another
People carry on
Their pointless lives poisoned
By what’s been done

The world fills up with violence
Cats hiss at birds
Cows munch, elephants die
A calf is snatched from the herd

They carry on hardly concerned
Like Velcro people sticking to promises
Of a man-made paradise on earth
Made of washing machines, democratically led

I wonder if where you’re standing now
Violence struck there years ago
While a crowd of people stood and stared
At a beheading in the snow

And when the food of violence is gone
Violence feeds on itself
For love is treated as absurd
And is second best to wealth

I’ve Learned To Live With The Pain

I’ve learned to live with the pain
I’ve learned to make it seem normal
Though I feel broken inside
I’m able to act quite informal

I’ve learned to think like the rain
To fall and make it seem normal
And though the ground may be drenched
I’m able to seem quite informal

I’ve learned to see like the sun
I’ve learned to see it all normal
To illuminate the good and bad
I’m able to be quite informal

I’ve learned to shine like the moon
I’m able to shine quite normal
When the homeless child is bathed in its light
I’m able to be quite informal

I’ve learned to hold back the stars
The starlights that seem quite normal
When people are violent in war
I’m able to be quite informal

I’ve learned to be silent like space
In the silence you think quite informal
But I loathe the suffering I see
And the selfishness they all think is normal

Nov 9, 1995

You can ring the truth with paper chains

You can ring the truth with paper chains and offer paper roses
The truth lasts forever with an indestructible heart.
Your beauty is for a time of love in a moment of eternity:
Your love is needed forever; its broken heart becomes whole
Your love is needed forever, and it makes things beautiful with its kiss.

You can decorate your chrysalis with golden gods
But the creature inside may be malformed and lost.
The pearl jewelry case may contain a stolen ring
The sea may be weeping, but who is able to see its distress
An angel shines so brightly that it distracts from its purpose.

The voice from the robbed bowels will burst out of its chains.

Where Ever You Go

Song lead sheet and Mp3

where ever you go

where ever you go]

Lyrics to my song “Where Ever You Go”

Verse 1:

They say that the word is a circus
That its heart is made out of stone
That all of the world is a circus act
When you die that you die alone


Where ever you go I’ll go there too
Where ever you stop I’ll stop with you
Where ever you sleep I’ll be at your side
When ever you rise I’ll rise with you

Verse 2

They say that the world is a circus
That its heart is made out of stone
That when you sing the whole world sings along
That when you cry you cry lone

Repeat Chorus