Slow death blues

I’m living in a slow death country
That’s part of a slow death world
I’m living with a slow death woman
I’m living with the slow death blues

The rich own all the factories
The rich own all the farms
The poor survive on benefits
Listening to the slow-death alarms

It was true about billy Hogarth
It was true about billy Blake
It was true about billy turner
that the whole world is a fake

You could say that I’m not happy
You could say that I’m dissatisfied
You could say I woke up feeling bad
To a whole world full of lies

in the words of Tom Paxton “we all have to feel bad sometimes “.


Two women are cowering in a clearing
Two men seem to tand above them
Maybe they are secret policemen

In the background there is a wood
Or is it a series of fiery explosions
A person hides afraid to be seen

One man has no arms and where he stands the flowers are unharmed
Where the other man stands the flowers are crushed beneath his feet
Also the two women wear floral dresses

One of the two women appears to be trying to stave off the man
who stands on the crushed flowers
The other woman appears to be asking for help from the man without arms

There has been a battle with the world

there has been a battle
against the world
there has been a losing battle

the world rises like leviathan
and keeps rising
and searching for innocent blood

in every corner
in every island
the world leaves its mark
with blood and tears
the world leaves scars and ruin

the world is a cancer
the world is a growth among humanity
the promises of the world are short
the gains of the world are shit

gain the world and lose the earth
gain the world and destroy your soul

the world is a slurry of mud
between ocean and mountain
the world is a monster
slithering onto land

give it a hand, haul it in land
put it on a pedestal, bow down to it

cry out and say to it
cry and and say
oh, what a world

Two worlds

Two worlds: It’s like I live in two worlds

With news on the broadcasts
Of war in the outposts
New crimes of terrorism
Cities full of ghosts

It’s like I live in two worlds

One for the cat
And one for the bird
One for the government
And one for the herd

Have you ever seen such a thing as immunity?
From war and sacrifice in the community
It’s as if the world’s an absurdity
It’s like I’m living in two worlds

Politics drives forward

Politics drives forwards
In slow motion
Through all that we build
Taking time to bury
What grows from the garden

Some kind of shadow
In man
Some kind of answer
To his godlessness
Some kind of carrier
Of the nations
Into the lava of destiny

Politics drives forward
Over every structure
Over every natural plan
That comes to the mind
Of people
That form a line
Behind it
Like dead convicts
Stripped naked of life

Politics drives forward
The tractor
That drives thru the forest
The tank
That drives thru the buildings
With war and destruction
Politics drives on

And in the end
Its’ greatest achievement
Is to plant a flag on the moon

Politics in a normal world
Is choice
Between teams

Is building a team
Of indestructible power
This is its
Ultimate aim
This is its challenge

There was
The war to end all wars
But evil persisted
In the arms that had held guns
That had felt the vibration of rounds
That had saw the flowers of blood

It was the beginning, not the end
The end is yet to come

My Protest day: Lyrics

You’ve got the dole

You’re happy, you’re walking down the street
You’re friendly, with everyone you meet
You’re cool, nothing can go wrong
You’re big, as big as old King Kong
You have climbed back out of your hole
You’re ok now, you’ve got the dole

You had no food, your cupboards were bare
You had no rent, you had lice in your hair
You had no CV, you couldn’t get a job
You lost religion, you lost your faith in god
Now you’re warm, you got some coal
You’ll get by, you got the dole

Not the girls can see you’re off the street
Now the world can see you as complete
Now you’re eating, you got a piece of pie
Now you’re drinking, all that you can bide
Now you’re chancing, you don’t feel so old
Now you’re living, now you’ve got the dole

You used to have your head in a wreath
You couldn’t even brush your teeth
You had a bath, only when it rained
You lost your love, you felt only pain
But now you’re good, you’re on a roll
You have a chance, now you’ve got the dole

Master of your sins

Something has to fall Before you’re happy
Something has to die Before you’re glad
Something has to be destroyed
Then you’re happy not annoyed
And someone must resign or lose their badge

Then the fountains in the heart Burst open
And the birds in the stars start to sing
Maybe you feel the shadows open
Opportunity to steal their wins
As you sit down in the cellar
The dirt it speaks it makes you sing
You can be the master of your sins

Someone has to break in pieces
Someone has to lose it and go mad
Someone has to lose their brother
Lose their sister, father mother
And some one must break down and go bad

Then the light comes thru the window
Hark the sins of men are good
Buy a gun shoot the rabbits
The world seems better drenched in blood
Find an army, shoot an enemy
Follow orders from the chair
But now my friend listen closely
When you fall there’s no one there

I’m not worried, I won’t run

I’m not worried, I won’t run
I got the bullets, I’m like a machine gun

Line em up and shoot em down
Hear the bodies hit the ground
I’m not worried, I won’t run
I got bullets, I’m a machine gun

Shoot me one, shoot me ten
Pop them off, like pigs in a pen
I’m not worried, I won’t run
I got bullets, I’m a machine gun

See that army in the valley
See that battle, Field of blood
With my bullets I will get them
I will bathe The earth in blood

If I have dreams, If I have nightmares
If I see devils In the sun
I’m not worried I got bullets
I will stop them with my machine gun

When I go wattling, when I go battling
When I go Gatling, I have fun
I’m not worried, I won’t run
I got the bullets For my machine gun

It’ like a film, It’s like a dream
They say that life, not what it seems
I don’t ever Need to run
When I got My machine gun

Oh what a world we live in

Oh what a world we live in
Oh what a world this is
The exponential rise in crime
Is equal to a kiss
Coming down the coal shute
All the unemployed
Then they try to shut them in
And close the coal house door

Oh what a world we live in
Oh what a world gone cold
Every soldier home from battle
Has a splinter in his soul
Selling matches on the sidewalk
Proclaiming the end is nigh
Going home to tent city
Cause you breathe in their iron lie

Oh what a world we live in
Oh what a world this is
Cordoned off with ticker tape
Seems to stretch from street to street
Call your mother, call your father
Say you don’t want war no more
The reason is the reasons simple
Its come right up to your front door

Song: The Law Code (of Hammurabi)

Ancient Babylon
Made this law
Feed the hungry
Help the poor

What does it mean
What does it say
A-bout living
In the world today

In the heart of man
There is this code
Care for the widow
Give the naked one clothes

Listen to complaints
Don’t take a bribe
Treat with fairness
Don’t tell lies

I was reading a book by Friedrich Delitzsch called Babel and Bible, 1903, where he talks about the new archaeology of the middle east, the discovery of Assyrian and Babylonian temples and clay tablets.
What I liked was how he mentions that God put the need for justice in the human heart and that the laws of these ancient peoples whether Israelite or Babylonian, Moses or Hammurabi, reflected this feeling that the heart has.

Things are gonna change

Possibly a folk song

Things are gonna change
Things will go for good
Kings are gonna rise and
Lands are gonna flood

Seas are gonna rise and
Lands are gonna fall
Strings are gonna play their dirges
Brass are gonna play their call

Locusts gonna fly and
Scorpions will sting
Ravens will fly to mountains
Doves will spread their wings

The earth is gonna quake
The world is gonna move
some are gonna win and
Some are gonna lose